Jul 13th, 2012

Pre-ordered your Nexus 7 tablet from GameStop? If you haven’t received notice already, the retailer is informing customers that the Jelly Bean slate is in stock and ready for pickup in store. We’re also hearing word that corporate headquarters has authorized local branches to begin selling the Nexus 7 outright, but pre-orders should get first dibs.

For those that have pre-ordered the device elsewhere, including the Google Play Store, there is no need to feel left out. Users have been notified that their credit cards are now being charged and shipments are leaving the building. All orders are expected to ship within three days. Staples is also shipping the tablet now, with orders being given an estimated delivery date of 7/16. You won’t get the instant gratification of walking into a store and leaving with a Nexus 7 in hand, but it should only mean a few more days wait.

If you’re heading out to pick yours up today or just need to kill a bit of time waiting for the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet to arrive at your doorstep, why not head over to our Nexus 7 forums to jump in on the already lively discussion. The arrival of the tablet ends of the wait to get our hands on the device, but it’s only the beginning for one of the most important Android launches of all time.

[Thanks Peter and all who tipped us off!]

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