Verizon ends subsidized pricing for tablets


With the advent of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans comes the end of the subsidized pricing era for tablets. According to a report out of TechCrunch, Verizon will no longer offer tablets such as the Motorola Xyboard and Samsung Galaxy Tab at a discounted rate when signing up for a data plan. The reasoning has everything to do with the the new plans that allow users to tie multiple Verizon devices to a single data allowance. For users with a smartphone activated on Verizon, a tablet can be added for only $10 dollars extra per month.

With less of a need for tablet-specific data contracts, the move makes sense from Verizon’s perspective. The carrier has yet to comment on the matter.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. So a tablet which one would expect to use MUCH MORE DATA than a smart phone only costs $10 per month but a phone costs $40?

    1. The $10/month tablet plan is only offered as an addition to the preexisting $40 phone plan…not a separate offer.

      1. No…you can open a Share Everything plan with 10 tablets to my knowledge. $100 for those 10 tablets plus the cost of the data package you want.

        1. No you can not. You need a $40 data plan first.

          1. If you read…I said “plus the cost of the data package”

    2. This is because you have to pay for the extra data used. Whether or not you will use it the phone is getting unlimited minutes and texts the tablet is not.

  2. wifi that bitch. who the hell is really gonna eat up that much data with a tab running around town?

  3. So expect to pay $800 for an 8 inch Xyboard?

    1. No. An 8 inch Xyboard retails at $629.99

      1. Plus tax, plus $30 activation. $708, pretty close….

  4. To me, their subsidized tablet prices weren’t nearly as good as they are with phones anyway. Why spend extra on a tablet from Verizon, just to be denied updates that are available to WiFi-only tablets? Their selection sucks too. Just use the mobile hotspot on your smartphone for no extra monthly charge, or get a MiFi for an extra $20 a month and share it among a few devices.

  5. screw this. I’m stuck with the original gtab 7″. I may have to explore other carriers.

  6. But wouldn’t it be cheaper to keep the unlimited plan for the phone, and tether a tablet with FoxFi? ;)

  7. Verizon is lame. You dont need to pay for 4G tablet when you can just tether (Wifi)

    1. Exactly. You get “free” hotspot if you get the share plan, so there isn’t a point to add it to the plan.

      1. True, but how fast are you going to burn through your expensive 1gb of data with your tab and if you’re sharing your data with someone else even faster…

        1. Depends on the user, but I get your point.

  8. So not only are they screwing most people over with the new family share plan but now their no longer offering subsidized prices on tablets, wow Verizon has got an over sized ego if they think their customers will stay at this rate lol, also i bet you they will also soon end subsidized pricing on cell phones also

    1. I really wouldn’t be surprised at this point actually…

    2. Did you even pay attention to a subsidized tablet price vs a retail priced version? Probably not because no one cared anyway. The amount was minute and wasn’t worth signing a 2 year contract for when you look at what you have to pay per month. Not to mention, a carrier tablet is lame anyways as it takes forever for updates and has their bloatware all over it.

      1. I just hope this doesn’t trend to phones, cause I wouldn’t pay 700-800 bucks for a smartphone that will be outdated in a year

    3. They already ended subsidized pricing on cell phones for those of us who want to keep our unlimited data plans.

  9. Congratulations, once again Verizon you managed to come out on top. Top of the Scum Bag companies, way to go. Let’s recap people shall we:
    1. No unlimited data
    2. Higher price for the limited data
    3. $30 charge for upgrades
    4. untimely android updates
    5. no subsidizing tablets

    Boy my a$$ is hurting!!

    1. T-Mobile sir

  10. Verizon seems to have more, and more anti-consumer policies recently.

  11. I seem to recall Verizon’s subsidized Android tablet pricing to be slightly less than comparable iPads, and their unsubsidized pricing to be slightly or even substantially more than comparable iPads.

    Just looking at their site, it appears the unsubsidized Android tablets now resemble the iPad prices.

    I have less positive things to say about their new data pricing.

  12. It may not look like it but I think this isn’t something verizon wanted to do. With googles purchase of moto mobility Verizon can’t tell moto what to do.

    They could before because Verizon subsidized the costs of the devices but that doesn’t matter now. If this makes any sense.

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