Sprint’s Nexus S 4G back on Google’s list of AOSP supported devices


How about that? After removing CDMA devices including the Nexus S 4G from the list of those officially supported as AOSP developer handsets, Google has reinstated the phone amongst its GSM brethren. Whatever issues existed with the Sprint device, they have now been resolved, and Google is releasing binaries with official support for CDMA and WiMAX.

Posed with a questions about whether or not Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus would receive the same treatment, AOSP guru Jean-Baptiste Queru said there are still plenty of issues to resolve with the “toro” build of Android that start with rights to distribute for CDMA/LTE and continue to other technical issues revolving around the phone’s hardware and software. Still, the support for the Nexus S 4G bodes well for the future of CDMA devices in terms of AOSP support.

[Google Groups via Reddit]

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  1. Welcome back into the family. It hasn’t been the same since you left.

  2. I know this is going to make a lot of people happy.

  3. That’s a good sign. Should mean faster updates for carrier-bastardized Nexus devices.

  4. F’N, Verizon your are always late to the party, god forbid you actually try to help the process along, Oh wait, your just worried about money……silly of me!

  5. I’d be extremely surprised if Verizon were to do anything that doesn’t benefit Verizon.

  6. This thing is still alive?

  7. umm… what about Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus?

    1. from the op at the article –
      “Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S run some very different hardware (the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is CDMA+LTE while Nexis S 4G is CDMA+WiMAX). Those files that I released yesterday are specific to Nexus S 4G. ”

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