Samsung to introduce low-cost portrait QWERTY Ice Cream Sandwich handset (GT-B5330)

A new portrait QWERTY handset from Samsung has emerged, and it appears as if it could be one of the mobile maker’s first affordably priced Android 4.0 smartphones. The Samsung GT-B5530 breathes some life into the BlackBerry-esque form factor that has waned from popularity recently, and according info revealed through the Chinese certification process will feature 3G support and a QVGA (320×240) display. GL Benchmark data identifies Android 4.0.4 as the phone’s OS and shows a processor clocked at 850MHz.

Samsung’s plans for the GT-B5530 are not known at this time, but based on the known specs the phone is a far cry from Samsung’s most recent Ice Cream Sandwich release, the Samsung Galaxy S3. While the portrait QWERTY form factor has long been associated with business power users, this low-powered phone might find itself targeted towards tweenie texters. Other specifics are not known at this time.

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  • RozJC

    I feel that there should be an extra row of keys.

    Right now, the screen seems too big compared the space taken by the keypad..

    • domenukk

      For me the screen seems too small compared to the white space around the screen… should make the screen larger and add a few pixels to it. keyboard seems nice.

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    Decent form factor. I know numerous people who love Palm/BB style front mount hardware keyboards.
    Only downer is that camera phones without a flash kind of suck….

  • tomn1ce

    They should reduce the bezel all around therefor making the screen a bit bigger. They should also include a 5th row for the numbers. What ever happen to the flash?

    • ChavaM

      It’s a budget phone.

  • Tommy Thompson

    The next Replenish…

  • jef

    Am I the only power business user left who wants this general form factor with a non-budget (i.e, decent processor/memory/resolution) phone? And is willing to pay for it? I can’t be. I ultimately may have to buy this phone and continue to have an underpowered device because I have to choose between that and being unable to deal effectively with work email. Sad.