Madfinger Sale Discounts Shadowgun, Samurai II: Vengeance to 99 Cents (Dead Trigger Coming Soon)

Madfinger Games has discounted all their titles in the Google Play Store to the very affordable price of a single US dollar. That’s right, for only a buck, you can finally try out a few of the best action games currently available on Android. Madfinger announced the newly discounted Shadowgun and Samurai 2: Vengeance, while hinted that although Dead Trigger’s release is currently being held up due to testing, when it does launch (it’s looking like sometime tomorrow), it too should be available for only 99 cents. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Although I have already purchased the non-Tegra (THD) versions of these games in the past (never owned an Nvidia Tegra device), I will be using this opportunity to pick up the Tegra optimized versions of Shadowgun THD and Samurai 2 THD for my newly acquired Tegra 3 powered Nexus 7. If you plan on picking one up yourself, I’d recommend you do the same (great way to show off the power of the tablet). Have fun!

[Madfinger Games on Google Play]

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  • aeok18109

    Wont let me buy the tegra versions as i dont have a tegra device. Hopefully the sale is still going on when my Nexus 7 tablet ships.

  • Siddharth Motwani

    If I were to get one, which one should I get?

    • Chris Chavez

      Shadowgun looks flashier, but personally, I prefer hack n’ slashes like Samurai. Depends on what you like..

      • Big_EZ

        Is the THD version really that much better than the regular versions?

        • Chris Chavez

          Some might not notice the added special effects but generally speaking, yeah…. it looks nicer :)

          • feztheforeigner

            Wish it was just a “high-end” version or something…Hate that my more than capable devices can’t run games that are only meant for Tegra 2/3 devices

          • Chris Chavez

            You kinda gotta a point there. More often than not, other high-end processors can run Tegra optimized games with no problem. As you know, the app Chainfire for root users lets anyone play THD games on just about any device :)

          • feztheforeigner

            Actually I didn’t know that. Awesome! I have some games to play now, I’ll be back in a few weeks :-)

            Thanks Chris

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Thanks for the heads-up… just grabbed Samurai HD for my Xoom.