Jul 2nd, 2012

I actually discovered this over the weekend while showing off the Nexus Q at my buddy’s house (other than it’s good looks, really, there wasn’t much to show off), but since it has been making the rounds across the Android blogs, I figured I’d post it here for those that haven’t seen it — especially since you’re more than likely to pass up a purchase on the Nexus Q.

Like the fun loving boys at Google so often do, they’ve included an “Easter egg” inside the Nexus Q that when activated (tap the black ball 8 times), transforms the device into a glowing Magic 8 Ball of sorts, answering your most sought after questions. Okay, well maybe it doesn’t answer much of anything. The Q mostly just gives you attitude, saying everything from “No” to, “I’m tired,” rarely ever giving you a straight answer. Pointless? Maybe. Fun? You’re damn right. Check out our video below for the Easter egg in action.

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