Deal Alert: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Only $150 For Upgrades at Amazon Wireless and Target Mobile

I have a feeling more than a few of you are looking to make the Samsung Galaxy S3 your next big upgrade, and I have some good news for those of you on AT&T. First, Target was offering the device for only $150 for upgraders ($190 new accounts and $200 for family accounts), and now it looks like Amazon Wireless is following suit, matching that same deal for those flying solo on a individual account.

Of course, the device is backordered so there’s no promising if you’ll be able to get the phone on day 1. But for $50 in savings, that’s a tough offer to refuse. I’ll link to both, that way you guys can pre-order the Galaxy S3 at the retailer of your choice. Cheers.

[Amazon Wireless | Target Mobile]


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  • Roy Harrigan

    OMG! I hope they do this for T-Mobile too!

  • intoxicates

    Edit: That was quick!!! Amazon is now showing $189!!! What Asian N.L. Bollin said with an explanation to get the $149.99 for current AT&T customers wanting an upgrade.

    When are they going to start selling the S3 on Amazon for Sprint!!! Also for those that are looking for a small upgrade on memory, Groupon is having a deal right now for a two pack of Samsung 8 GB SDHC Class 6 cards for $10:

    • Aslan Bollin

      I saw that and was tricked aswell. It shows on amazon as $189.99 if you click the link, but that’s for new accounts only.

      Click “buy at amazonwireless” and it shows it’s $149.99 if your upgrading on an individual plan.

      $199.99 if your upgrading on a family plan or adding new line.

      • ntegrit

        The idea of charging more for new accounts, or adding a line, than for upgrades caught my eye in the original post. Isn’t that unheard of?

        • Aslan Bollin

          yes, because the idea of pointing out specifics incase someone over looks them as it obviously has is such a bad thing. It would’ve been slightly less confusing if the link linked to amazonwireless rather then amazon where it shows $189.99.

      • Liferules

        Yeah, weird that individual upgrade is $150 and family upgrade is $200.

  • lol

    What about best buy?

  • the_suffering

    That’s a great deal. Anyone want to buy an inspire 4g missing the volume button (typical issue for this phone and desire hd) for $150? New button is like $2 but comes from hong kong. I want gs3 now

    • vioalas

      Craigslist or XDA. Or any other forum, but no spamming please.

  • TheSizz25

    Can’t wait to get this in my hands.

  • Jason Farrell

    Important Note:
    When upgrading through Amazon, you won’t be able to carry forward your existing dataplan. This is only an issue for people, such as those on AT&T, with the old unlimited or old $15/mo 200MB plan.

    • vioalas

      Actually if you call AT&T and notify them that you’re upgrading though amazon but you want to keep your data plan they’ll make a note on your account and after you get your phone you can call them and they’ll revert you to the account you had.