HTC’s One X sales talking point pamphlet against the Galaxy S3 shows unsurprising bias


Here’s a quick and interesting read that should prove to be humorous to many of you. HTC’s formed a sales training document that mentions what a sales clerk should say to persuade that their HTC One X is better than the Galaxy S3. These things are never empty of bias, but some of this is just downright funny.

Take, for instance, the bit about the non-removable battery in the HTC One X vs the one in the Galaxy S3. HTC’s opinion is that a non-removable battery is better because you don’t need a separate charger, and because it doesn’t require the phone to be off.

The first scenario is only true if someone has a spare battery and wants to charge both at the same time, while the latter is only true if you want to swap those batteries. But many users don’t need to do this, and I think we all agree that choice is greater than no choice.

There are many more funny tidbits to be had, including their response to someone saying the Galaxy S3 being thinner, its build materials, and the “disappointing” design of the Galaxy S3 opposed to the One X. Take a look at the images above and below. [PriceBaBa via The Next Web]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. lmao. htc fail again

  2. I wouldn’t consider beats audio a plus.

    1. Honestly, anything is better than the bullshit HTC already had previously.

      1. I would rather have the ability to choose what equalizer I want to use rather than only have one that comes on automatically.

        1. you can turn beats on and off… it’s an option.

          1. Still, if it’s on, you can’t adjust it.

    2. i wouldnt consider it a negative either

      1. So it’s a wash? You can’t uninstall it unless you root, so that’s a negative for me. And being able to tweak the equalizer is better than a preset one. I’m sure not every song is going to sound good with beats on..

        1. i’d call it a wash, bad for some people, good for others. Good for me, i don’t care about tweaking anything, i just want my shit louder lol and it does that.

    3. Me either. I would call the excellent Wolfson WM1811 DAC in the S3 a considerable plus, over what the One X has in it.

  3. How amusing. I’m telephone tech support for a big phone carrier (won’t mention who). I love when companies come in to train us on their devices. Especially Apple. They ask us employees to say things like “magical” and “revolutionary”. Funny how only 2 of the 90 something tech employees have an iPhone. The rest of us have Galaxy S ll’s, Droid X 2’s, Droid Razer, ect.

    1. Yup. I used to work for AppleCare back in the day. We weren’t even allowed to use an iPod Touch or iPhone for physical reference with what we advised people to do. Half the time the instructions for support were based on the alpha software instead of the actual release. Pretty bad.

    2. So, you work at Verizon then.

      1. Verizon doesn’t have a Galaxy SII

        1. But DROID is a Verizon brand…

          1. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

            He also misspelled Razr. So I wouldn’t assume he works for Verizon necessarily.

          2. Or that’s a good sign that he does! Bah dum dum cha!

          3. I will say, just about every carrier (or call center even) has some bad eggs. It is no secret that every single carrier outsources its call centers to Alorica, ACS, Xerox, and others. Call your carrier and ask them if they are outsourced. Unfortunately, this leads to some uneducated employees who have little to no loyalty for the company they are supporting. You can spot the good reps by the confidence in their tone, and their explanations of your questions/problems. People who suck at their job don’t last more than a few months.

          4. Believe me I know! I work in the industry up here in the great white North, and we have been fighting a losing battle to keep these jobs in Canada.
            The outsourced reps generally are useless, have such a high turn-over that they are highly under-trained and due to the lack of understanding of North American culture cause more escalations per month than any Canadian based team (20+ reps) does all year.
            But at the end of the day, corp. big-wigs don’t care about that, they just see that they can hire 5 international reps for less than 1 Canadian rep.

            Ironically, if the numbers weren’t so skewed and coincidentally “misplaced”, I would hazard a guess that they cost almost as much if not more than the Canadian reps due to wasted transfers, unwarranted credits and cost of dealing with escalations. Long term these companies will see what happens, but we all know big business only cares about short term profits, until it’s too late.

      2. Yes I work for verizon. Yes I did misspell razr. I get home from work at about 3AM my time. I check out phandroid at 3AM. Please excuse my spelling error. Also, my phone is on sprint. A Galaxy Sll as David pointed out, isn’t on Verizon. (Can’t beat unlimited data…) It is my mistake to call “android” phones “droids” because it isn’t politically correct. Not sure where that habit came about. Either way, now that Google owns Motorola they technically own rights to the “droid” name for phones now. =P

  4. I gotta agree on the screen tidbit… love my One X’s screen compared to my One S that I used to have. The 32gb bit though is not true in the US, sadly…

  5. I like how they simply say “plastic” for the S3 when it is also polycarbonate.

    1. It will fool the fools, trust me.

      1. Like it has already….sad sad.

    2. Was thinking the exact same thing…

  6. There’s simply no counter argument for the lack of a removable battery. If a sales rep tried to use any of those talking points, I don’t think either of us would be able to keep a straight face.

    1. i’m already laughing at it! =D

    2. It’s removable and bigger, HTC loses.

      1. But we all know that having the choice of removing a battery is a bad thing! Just ask the iSheep!

        1. Well if you ask them, Glass is also the perfect component for the back of your phone.

          1. Haha, very true!

    3. I would be pissed off that he/she would be straight lying to me like that. Lol

    4. To the average consumer they may just take the reps word for having things like expandable storage as a bad thing. Wouldn’t be surprised if a rep tried this and actually convinced an idiot consumer…

    5. iphone doesn’t have one… and they sell millions. I had 3 baterries for my Cappy and hardly used them. The same with extra SD card. All my music and files are Gdrive/Gmusic

      I had Samsung for 2 years now and my next phone is HOX.
      Whoever had the Captivate from ATT know. Disappointing updates… They postponed Gingerbread at least 4,5 times, lying constantly about the release date. Don’t tell me it’s ATT’s fault cause it’s not, at least not entirely.
      Not to mention dreadful GPS issue. I had to replace phone 3 times to get a working GPS.

      1. Your first problem is waiting for OTA updates instead of rooting and ROMing. The nice thing about Samsung phones is they’re nearly impossible to brick and have unlocked bootloaders out of the box.

        1. a phone should not require root to reap the standard options of competitive handsets

        2. You don’t get it. I did root and I am on a custom rom.

          But that’s not the problem. The problem is with Samsung and att lying. They delayed indefinitely their updates lying about the Eta. Also they knownly released a phone with broken gps.

          That made me lost trust.

        3. Your (danix180’s) second problem is living in the US, where carriers make all sorts of demands on Samsung, and slow down the updates. Internationally, Samsung has had a good record for timely updates on their flagships in the last 2yrs – everywhere except the US.

      2. How is it not the fault of the carrier when the international model received those updates long before your model?

        1. I agree. Partially it is.
          But Samsung should not release a phone that they can’t support. It’s like Honda telling local dealerships: you sell the car so YOU support it.

          1. No… It’s like your local dealership telling Honda: We sold the car, so we get to decide when it gets worked on!

          2. I’d give up man… You can’t speak sense to someone who has none.

    6. If a sales rep uses that argument, but only will they not be able to keep a straight face, but they won’t have much of a face left when I’m done with them.

      1. Ummm….

        Stay classy, bro?

      2. Must be from miami

    7. I really don’t mind the non removable battery, I have a 18 month old Captivate that honestly dosen’t get great battery life anymore but I have never really felt the need to have a spare battery. With my One X, I prefer the design I have (unibody) and think that the ability to remove the battery (and even a SD card slot for that matter) would ruin the design which in my opinion is one the most beautiful phones Ive seen. Its not surpising that because I have a One X I am bias (but I saw the GSIII before I bought so i had options)

    8. There is no logical reason to have a removable battery. of the 4 smartphones I’ve owned over the last 6 years, the only time I needed to pull the battery cover was to remove/insert a sim card.

      Removable battery is neither a plus nor a minus and should not even be noteworthy.

      1. For the ROMing community the ability to pull a battery is invaluable.

        Plus, I personally keep a spare battery with me at all times. Sometimes an app can create a memory leak and drain the battery very quickly. If you can’t pop in a new battery you’re stuck with a dead phone until you can find a charger and a couple of hours to spare. If you’re travelling on business it’s imperative to have a working phone at all times in case of emergency battery drain. Maybe for you personally a non-removable battery isn’t a big deal, but it’s a complete deal breaker for many people, and ignoring that is a huge mistake.

        1. Totally agree, removable battery is a necessity for me, 4G really sucks the battery fast. Plus a lot of apps use a fair amount of juice, these things are computers. I guess for people that only use it for phone calls, might not be important. Really boneheaded to cripple a nice phone like this with a fixed battery.

      2. Yeah I think from your perspective that’s fine for your needs and a few other people, but the people who really harness the full power and abilities of these devices it’s invaluable to be able to change out a battery while out and about and just continue with your business among countless other circumstances. It’s very noteworthy.

    9. Another argument for non removable battery: If you drop your phone there is no chance the cover is going to pop off and battery fall out… If user was doing something important during a drop, they could be in bad shape from loosing all that data due to battery disconnect.

      1. Sure, but the battery popping out often prevents more serious damage to the screen or case since the impact is lessened when the force pushes the battery out. I have never cracked a screen on any of my phones. The worst drops have resulted in the battery popping out. I can’t say the same of my iSheep friends. Most of them have broken at least one, if not two phones from drops.

  7. Well one advantage of the Galaxy S3 in the US is that its on all 4 Carriers. Not just At&t!

    1. LOL wow! so in the US that first point would be the same. on the second point, the SGS3 takes better photos in normal lighting conditions. on the third point, it depends. someone like myself prefers those truer blacks versus the brighter truer whites. on the fourth point, the HOX felt like a slab in my hand. this was the main reason i sold mine. not because it was heavy, but because of the sleep/wake button still being on the top. and fifth point, also opinion like the third point. interesting they show this to potential customers…

    2. I don’t understand why AT&T is so against Samsung.

  8. GSIII all day

  9. As much as I hate the idea of a non removable battery if I had the choice on Verizon I’d go back to HTC in a heart beat for the One X. After the massive dissapointment known as the Galaxy Nexus I will NEVER own another Samsung again. Lesson learned from experience. A lot of these “talking points” seem valid to me though. Maybe HTC should throw “our radios work” on the list too.

    1. A big part of that you have to lay at vzw’s feet…my gsm nexus didn’t suffer any of the problems that are complained about by those who own the cdma version…

      1. Ya but then I’d have to be a customer of the worst company on the face of this planet. ATT (not just the wireless division) is a disgrace of a company. I vowed years ago after having customer service issues with multiple legs of there service to cancel everything ATT and never even consider returning. I actually stuck a firecracker in my ass and programmed it with a detinator. If I ever even consider it, it will explode. Cause that would be better then being an ATT customer. And please don’t say T-Mobile. I guess maybe there are parts of the country it works in. I’ve just never had the pleasure of finding one. Carrier first… I can find a phone that works.

        1. I hear you…Tmo happens to work great where Im at, but my point was that the galaxy nexus issues weren’t as much samsung issues as they were vzw’s. And Im not going to knock your choice to go to htc given the choice, the OneX is a freaking beast.

          1. On the contrary… My only real issue with my Gnex is its reception. Samsung is the one who stuck a sh#tty radio in it so that falls squarely at their feet. Everything else is completely bearable. The fact that I can’t use my phone or get data in places I’ve always had exceptional service is not bearable. There are things I don’t “like” about the Gnex but I think that is the case with every phone I’ve bought. HTC just happens to be the company I feel has done the best job with Android. I’ve now owned Motos, Samsung and a HTC’s and I’m certain I will never leave HTC again once I return to them.

  10. What HTC needs to worry about is Apple tryin to block thier phones from being sold or there won’t be a choice between the One X or GS3…

  11. The worst point is the storage post. Every GS3 comes with 50GB of dropbox storage….so they lost that battle if they try to compare to the minimum storage GS3 which is 16GB…..16GB+50GB===66GB, then 32+50GB= 82GB, then the mega 64GB+50GB=114GB

    1. what about the 64GB sd card? ;D

      1. It’s storage within your storage. Storageception.

    2. hey we heard you liked storage… so we put storage in your dropbox and storage on your sd card and storage in your phone and storage in you gmusic app and storage in your google cloud…
      look guys… music storage is zero for me I stream gmusic up to 30k of mine and unl. of purchased free of drms
      otherwise I keep my phone empty and sometimes upload important pics to my drive in a pinch but otherwise… cards are a thing of the past.
      in a year people will realize this is the way things are moving. HTC took a big leap here and again will be on the cutting edge of tech instead of sitting on their hands and sitting on updates that will never come.
      my vivid was updated first. end of story. the nexus was released with ics but the htc vivid recieved ics before any other phone updated.
      and if you root rom etc. congrats but you/we are not the majority and if they made phones just for us, they would be iphones.

  12. Apart from unremovable battery and no sd slot,
    I see no reason to go for a GS3

    1. It’s all really comes down to personal preference. The universal design for the S3 is a huge selling point because of all the accessories that will be available.

  13. So funny, I guess all of them are scared since samsung has taken the No1 spot! But let us be realistic! No SD, No Battery swap, I don’t read the rest! If I want that I’d rather buy an iPhone! Personally I own a GNote, and I can’t go with a smaller screen. The SIII makes me fantasise about what the GNoteII will be about! Can’t wait

    1. NoteII is rumored to have a 5.5″ display and the 5250 Exynos. woot woot

  14. That is funny I wonder how many pre order the HTC one x had

    1. same argument can be said about iphones… be careful with what points you choose to make

  15. Wow that is so funny. i love HTC but GS3 just slapped your phone across the face when it was announced.

  16. Wow…when my 32GB SGIII shows up and I put my 32GB memory card into it I’ll have a whopping 64GB of memory as apposed to 57GB. Yep, good argument there! Of course I’m sure Apple owns all the patents that they brag about anyway…lol

    1. You know, you can even pop in a 64gb micro sd card

    2. Don’t forget the free 50GB you’ll also get on Dropbox (since HTC somehow considers that part of the phone’s storage?).

      32GB phone + 64GB SDcard + 50 GB dropbox = 146 GB’s of storage!

  17. HTC: Extra features like removable storage and batteries make us laugh. Look at how pretty and thin our phone is ! Oh did we mention our gimmicky eq/beats thing? It was made by a real life rapper! Who’s also a Doctor!

    1. Funny thing is the S3 is thinner, with a larger battery, and has an equalizer that you can customize to your liking.

  18. HTC should have hired someone with a little but of intelligence to write their talking points memo. What they’ve come up with here is profoundly stupid. Only a freaking idiotic ignoramus will fall for it.

  19. lol at better low light performance. HTC latest still takes crappy low light pictures especially compare to the GS3. lol at better durability. HTC phones break apart easily.

  20. The only thing the GS 3 has on the One X is the removable battery and SD slot. Other then that the design looks just like the GS2 and skyrocket. Plus Sammy sucks on updates and its plastic.

    1. “Plus Sammy sucks on updates and its plastic.”


      See, guys? This is the type of user this pamphlet was designed for. He sees, “polycarbonate” and “plastic” and immediately assumes the “polycarbonate” is better.

      …even though he hasn’t the slightest clue what polycarbonate is, that it is in fact a plastic, or that the SIII is also made of polycarbonate plastic.

      FYI: I owned a Fascinate (VZW SGSI). It started on Eclair and went through updated to Froyo and GB, along with several maintenance releases in between. So I have to ask, what are you using that has that beat?

      1. Wow….as usual one is always assuming….and we know what that makes them look like. I know that polycarbonate is a much better quality plastic. Its heat resistant and should hold a better reception. Samsung has always used a cheap feeling plastic for its phones. As for updating on your fascinate or anything other GS I in that manner. It took forever to get the official release date.

        1. Right, right… You totally didn’t imply the SIII was made of “plastic” of worse quality than the HOX….and release dates are *so* much more important than getting, ya know…updates.

          …and I’m an ass… (Oh, wait, you actually got that one right!)

          The SIII is made of the same polycarbonate as the HOX, and Samsung has proven they can update devices as good or better than the rest of them, though I am certain the versions of the SIII other than VZW’s will see updates faster.

          Any issue you have with build-quality on the SIII would almost have to revolve around uni-body vs. flex, and you’re probably going to be looking at a 1:1 as to which is better in certain circumstances (drops, crushes, slides, etc…).

          As for looking better or “feeling”, well…personal perception. I really couldn’t care less if it “feels” durable…so long as it *is*.

        2. Sorry to burst your bubble but the GS3 is also made of polycarbonate a.k.a high strength plastic. Try reading up on your phones before your start commenting.

    2. this is retardation

    3. Here’s your sign.

    4. They are BOTH polycarbonate, which is a thermoPLASTIC polymer.

  21. This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  22. Well duh.. but vzw isn’t getting the one x… So……

    1. They are getting a dulled down version of the One S..that counts right?

  23. Apple should patent non-removable battery. I’d give my support towards Apple if they enforce it.

  24. Having just bought the Galaxy S3 the major points for me are the removable battery and sd card support. If I was selling the One X I’d be talking up the design and the gaming with tegra Zone (non LTE version) and the upcoming playstation certification. All in all they are both very solid phones I’d be happy with either.

  25. There are far, far more important things to consider with a smartphone than “looks” it’s a smartphone people! Not a female, your not going to be kissing it!!!

  26. I swear someone should do a drop test comparing the S3 & OneX on YouTube to put all these “plastic” arguments to rest. If you look it up on YouTube the S2 survived drop tests much, much better than the IPhone.

  27. Who cares! HTC has next year to be the best!

  28. Some might think, there is no need to root if the phone is already an awsome phone but to me and i think most of the androidians to be able to flash a new rom new addons new cutomization is the whole reason why we want android. Correct me if im wrong but htc has a limitation in that area…

  29. Well, the only thing these sales pamphlets prove is that HTC does the same thing as other companies. If the sales person has done any research he/she will give the pros and cons of every device.

    What I do find very interesting is that HTC is obviously more concerned about the S3 than the iPhone 4S.

  30. So what’s the deal with Verizon not getting any One phone and trying to compete with the GSIII and other carriers One’s with their new Incredible which is only ok at best?

  31. this is really making me want to go to an at&t store and Counter all of their “counter objections”

  32. Both the Galaxy SIII and the One X are beautiful functional phones. Rather than running one or the other down, we should be lauding BOTH companies for pushing the envelope on design and features.

  33. HTC all the way. No replaceable battery means you’ll never lose your
    battery unless you lose your phone. Plus, there’s no risk of battery
    theft unless the phone is stolen. Additionally, lack of a replaceable
    battery means that when the phone is dropped, their is no battery cover
    to pop-off, and the Galaxy SIII has a bendable battery cover if you
    watch the video reviews. What self-respecting person would be willing
    to have a phone with a flimsy bendable battery cover? How
    embarrassing. I wouldn’t get caught in public with a phone that has a
    bendable battery cover. HTCs are solid, and they are polycarbonate.
    Not flimsy plastic. Plus, Samsung is slow to send out Android OS
    updates, and if North Korea improves their rocket launching, the
    possibility of Samsung being caught up in a war b/w South and North
    Korea might mean their corporate demise, which in turn means you’ll be
    stuck with a phone that has no support from the corporate office and
    no-one to complain about the bendable flimsy battery cover to. And all
    this can be avoided from the start simply by choosing an HTC phone.

    1. You are a special kind of stupid. Newsflash: The GS3 is also.. *GASP*… POLYCARBONATE. And where in the freaking hell do you live where cell phone battery theft even exists?! I’m not even going to touch your Korean war comment. And the battery cover?? IT’S A F*CKING BATTERY COVER. If you base your phone choice on a battery cover that bends (which is a good thing, much less likely to accidentally snap it), then you really don’t have any reason to breathe the same air as a normal person.

  34. The same thing was leaked in Thailand by HTC’s PR company around mid-May.

  35. Most of the points are pretty lame but they do have a point on the design it is indeed like most Samsung phones disappointing.

  36. fight all they want, im switching to the new iphone when it released

    1. Ahh, a true fanboy. Not even interested in whether the new iPhone is actually good, he has already decided he will buy it no matter what. I’m just wondering why you are telling us. After all, this is a discussion for a post concerning actual arguments for buying a certain phone – not some fanboy-convention ;-)

      1. For the pass 3 yrs, i have been using Android, htc dinc and now galaxy nexus. You have no idea the problems I have been facing. As long as the new iphone can run Verizon 4g, im jumping.

  37. sounds like something apple would do

  38. To me they should have gone about this in a different way.
    Focus on the HTCs strengths: reviews agree that the screen is better, and the look and style of it is better, although of course aesthetics are arguable.

    Don’t try and pretend that a removable battery is a bad thing, but at the same time emphasize that for many people a removable battery is irrelevant. Many people (myself included) don’t buy a second battery for their phone given the option, so most of the advantage of a removable battery is void. So a removable battery isn’t BAD, but for many people it isn’t good either, and the non-removable battery allows the HTC to have those sleek looks.

    Don’t try and talk about how much storage the HTC has, because the S III will win. Instead ask the customer what would they do with the extra storage given the option. For many people 32GB is enough, so whilst more is always nice, is it really important?

    I bought the One X, and I’m happy with my decision. Not because I ignore the advantages the S III has, but by realizing that things like the SD card slot and removable battery were things I never took advantage of with my previous phone, so why would I care much about them on my new phone?

    Oh, and that One X screen is truly beautiful.

  39. better sound – haha, HTC One X (as whole shitty buggy tegra platform) has horrible audio output, both DAC & amps are subpar generating disappointing results in every test (check your rightmark score) and in real life…(check head hifi forums)

    on the other hand, Samsung SIII returned to Wolfson DAC (thankfuly! after Galaxy S2 fiasco), its rightmark analyzer score is on par with iPhone and real life audio quality is really excellent, probably 2nd or 3rd best sounding phone there is on the market – and once it will get VoodooSound from supercurio (he’s working on this)… might be almost like Galaxy S1 legend.

    Plus, theres possibility to connect USB DAC/amp, beat that iPhone/HTC… even on stock ROM! (again, check head hifi audiophile forums)

    as to screen, AMOLED is much better readable on a sun than LCD, even though One X has excellent brightness and SIII is rather dimm (even compared to my One S), its readability doesn’t suffer and in the end it is sooo much better screen than LCD tech on HTC One X…

    SIII is plastic, but that’s about it. HTC on the other hand is producing buggy phones, I have been lucky not to have chipping issue with ceramic HTC One S, but ended with buggy wifi performance and cell reception problems which I can’t solve (check XDA forums)

    never again HTC, phone should make phonecalls in the first place – something which HTC One S isn’t capable of doing!

  40. HTC forgot to add the multi-tasking performance problems column. Samsung multitasking issues? None. HTC? YES.

  41. The One X is an ugly phone, looks like every other black slab phone out there. Can’t believe they’d make a nice phone like this and have it look like such a bore.

  42. I once again find myself saying this. US carriers are getting out of hand and need to be put in their place. AT&T in particular’s people are ridiculously biased and this is coming from first hand experience. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

  43. For years, many phones, brands, even the old Windows phones, first accessories I buy are 3 spare batteries. Converted to Android while waiting on WM to update. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG. If the battery is dead and power isn’t around it would be a pain with a non removable battery. I use my phone constantly.

    I bought my mom the RAZR Maxx because she hates to charge a battery and it was her first Android. She loves it. She doesn’t use her phone for everything though.

    As far as cloud storage, very nice when there’s service. I have most of my stuff on my phone. We’ve been driving 13 hours, mostly without a signal. Since I’m a passenger it’s nice to have my music, books, etc.available. I also use Dropbox and Ever note as backups.

    That’s the beauty of Android, something for everyone.

  44. …Argue why Android is better than the iphone all you want but, one thing is for sure…alot of the new.released Androids have some bug issues that can be a pain. iphones…doesn’t seem to be the case…as much. ihope that the S3 isn’t all bugged up because I want one or the HD Droid. Anyhey, changed my battery out about a week ago and.phones running like a champ again…yes removable batteries makes tons of sense.

  45. I’ve always loved samsung since the s2, i even had 2 wait 4 the mighty galaxy s3, bur i was jus so disappointed with the design, dar i couldn’t take it.. i had 2 go for the one x… yeah yeah samsung s3 is better based on specs n the removable battery… bur the one x is no push over @ all… both phones will still be Ok for some years 2 come or so..
    About the removable battery n microsd card… i’m not really bothered by that as i’ve been used to apple ipod and removing the iphone 4 battery is just 2much 2 take.. i’ve been usin’ the same battery in every phone i’ve bought so far…. so i don’t think thats an issue…. besides Tegra 3 is endorsed with some apps for better view especially games.. the camera is OK…. the build is better, it trails the galaxy s3 in cpu n Gpu, but it runs all apps well enough… that my friend i think is good

    Again its all about choices that people make.. in my own opinion i really hate the galaxy s3 design, if it had a much better design i’d had bought it instantly, so i found solace in the one x(plus the added advantage of Tegra 3 as regards
    developer apps..)..

  46. I’ve always loved samsung since the s2, i even had 2 wait 4 the mighty galaxy s3, bur i was jus so disappointed with the design, dar i couldn’t take it.. i had 2 go for the one x… yeah yeah samsung s3 is better based on specs n the removable battery… bur the one x is no push over @ all… both phones will still be Ok for some years 2 come or so.. About the removable battery n microsd card… i’m not really bothered by that as i’ve been used to apple ipod and removing the iphone 4 battery is just 2much 2 take.. i’ve been usin’ the same battery in every phone i’ve bought so far…. so i don’t think thats an issue…. besides Tegra 3 is endorsed with some apps for better view especially games.. the camera is OK…. the build is better, it trails the galaxy s3 in cpu n Gpu, but it runs all apps well enough… that my friend i think is good enough..

    Again its all about choices that people make.. in my own opinion i really hate the galaxy s3 design, if it had a much better design i’d had bought it instantly, so i found solace in the one x(plus the added advantage of Tegra 3 as regards
    developer apps..)..

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