ASUS Nexus 7 Tablet Outed In Benchmark Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


It wouldn’t be the first time a benchmark site has outed an Android device, and it looks like it wont be the last. The 7-inch ASUS Nexus 7 was just outed in a Rightware Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark, and it clues us in to a few details surrounding the mysterious budget tablet Google has up their sleeves (and will no doubt use to take over the world).

You can see from the screenshot above the device will have a 1280×768 resolution display, Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core (there were rumblings that it could launch with a dual-core to cut costs) and the kicker (as taken from the raw data found in the benchmark) — Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

“os”:  {

“android”:  {

“model”:  “Nexus  7”,

“hardware”:  “grouper”,

“manufacturer”:  “asus”,

“device”:  “grouper”,

“brand”:  “google”,

“display”:  “XXXXXX-userdebug  4.1  JRN51B  3XXXXX  dev-keys”,

“version_sdk”:  “4.1”,

“board”:  “grouper”,

“version_code”:  “1”

This is assuming that the build number (JRN51B) is code for Jelly Bean, and we’re inclined to believe that it is. It’s going to be an exciting year for Android and we expect to learn a whole lot more about this tablet when it’s unveiled at Google I/O in just a few short weeks. Don’t forget, Phandroid will be reporting live from the entire event bringing you the latest as it breaks. I’m officially hyped. Are you?

[Rightware | AndroidPolice]

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  1. Tizen seems to have Google rattled enough to rush upgrades of Android & matching hardware to market.

    They even tweaked Verizon, who appear to have been dragging their feet on rolling-out 4.0.4, by “accidently” posting it to the Google site.

    With Samsung and many other hardware vendors investing in Tizen – Google’s Android project has cause to worry …

    1. No one knows or cares about what Tizen is…

      1. Only the major hardware vendors … but I guess they are irrelevant?

        Okay … or not!

        1. It’s just another Open Source Linus kernel. Whooptie-[*]-doo

    2. Tizen? I’m pretty sure they have more pressing concerns than a developmental OS with not a single product on the market, If anything they are thinking about the Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 (and the of course to some degree the iPad). I don’t know anymore than you but IMHO you are way off base on that one…

      1. You tell Samsung and the rest of the hardware vendors that.

        There’s a reason they are joining together in support of development of Tizen … probably not merely as an entertaining way to waste money … but maybe you are correct and that is so.

        Time will tell. :-)

        1. Okay, even if Samsung took a leap off of the Android wagon, there are too many users who use their devices for the Android experience. Do you honestly think the majority of people purchase Samsung phones because they have the Samsung brand? I’d like to bet my life on that not being the case and most people buying Samsung phones because they have Android OS loaded on them actually being the case. Tizen wont be like Android, and to be honest will most likely be a failed Open Source attempt just like webOS. Top competitors will be Android, iOS, RIM, and Windows Phone. No questions asked, there is no room for investing time or money in another mobile OS, and if you thought there was, you’re mistaken.

          1. Given Samsung’s track record for success, and MS and Google’s habits of stubbing their toes, I’d be wary of writing-off Samsung so cavalierly.
            BTW: Word is it that Tizen developers are looking into a utility to simply porting Android apps to Tizen – obliterating that advantage for Android.
            Could be some very interesting happenings … or not … more interesting than warmed-over more of the same.

          2. Just because you have a utility to port, doesn’t mean your application is gonna port and work properly. Android optimized apps will work best on Android devices, especially ones that are tested on by developers. Just like most iPhone apps that are ported to Android, it takes trial and error before they run nicely on most Android devices, and that takes developer fixes. Good luck using Tizen, I’ll stick to my Android devices as will most people. Samsungs smartphone success is the work of their great Hardware, and Google’s great software,

          3. Does this timely bit of news assist in understanding the wide-open door to Android alternatives?
            “CyanogenMod reaches 2 million rooted devices, doubles installs since January” bit.ly/KHvzpU

          4. You fail to realize the reason a lot of people use CyanogenMod. People use it for the STOCK ANDROID experience with great stability. CyanogenMod has made it possible for devices to upgrade from their previous build of Android to a newer build of it, especially devices that weren’t going to receive manufacturer upgrades. Many CyanogenMod builds were built for that exact reason. People want the next Android experience and a lot of them also want that Stock Android feel over Custom Manufacturer UI’s that limit customization, and CyanogenMod makes it easier for developers to do just that. You honestly don’t seem to know anything about Android or its user base. It doesn’t matter how many alternatives there are, manufacturers will choose the strongest alternative and use that. That happens to be Android. Point blank.

          5. I am persuaded that you are persuaded that you know better than Samsung.
            For the teachable, here’s the latest ” OpenMobile World Wide, Inc., via their Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) product,
            will let you run 400,000+ Android apps on Tizen smartphones, tablets,
            IVIs, and connected TVs. They promise 100% compatibility, natively run
            without latencies, with zero developer effort.”
            Demos here: http://tizentalk.com/

          6. dup

    3. I can barely remember the name of that OS (and I’m very much into tech); you want me to believe that Google is afraid of Tizen?

      1. All I said was that Samsung has joined with a *long* list of hardware, and software, groups – each with a vested interest in success – and in Samsung’s case a powerful record of such.

        Google would be stupid to ignore Tizen. Android is in it’s infancy, is itself a wanna-be copy of the Apple ipod/iphone OS, and only has traction as the most-common non-Apple alternative.

        There is nothing so unique about Tizen that it could not be displaced by another OS that does what it does, does more than it does, and does so better.

        Why is there such a rush by some to diss Tizen?

        Seems as though many “doth protest too much”.

        1. TYPO … There is nothing so unique about ANDROID that it could not be displaced …

  2. Thought Jelly Bean was 5.0???

    1. Nobody knew what it was going to be. Android doesn’t always jump single digits. Looks like it’s going to be Android 4.1 now.

      1. I think it was just needed to go up by full digets for Honeycomb and ICS because they were pretty much 100% makeovers and changes. Jelly Bean is just going to be another small jump in the Android ladder.

      2. Froyo was released @ 2010 I/O.
        Gingerbread was released Winter 2010.
        Honeycomb was released @ 2011 I/O.
        ICS was released in Winter 2011.
        I predict Android 4.1 is still ICS, but we will see JellyBean 4 months after I/O. My prediction could be a long stretch, but if GOOGLE goes by past release schedules, i might be right.

        1. Wrong. Google follows no one. Not even themselves. They lead O_O

        2. Froyo.. 2.2 -> 2.3 Gingerbread
          ICS….. 4.0 -> 4.1 Jelly Bean

  3. Looks like some killer specs. Now if it’s still going to be only $200 dollars this thing is going to DOMINATE the 7-inch tablet market.

    1. Yeah, I hope so but even at $250 it;s still a good deal.

      1. Agreed, $250 would still be a killer price. Unless it’s got like 128mb of RAM or a resistive touch screen. I can’t figure out how they’re going to make this thing that cheap and still profit. Amazon has the whole use it as a content purchasing device that made it so they could sell the Kindle it at a lose.

        1. Just like the PS3 was sold at a loss, but SONY made up the money with game and subscription sales…..

        2. That’s exactly what Google is going to do with their tablet. They have an advantage over the Kindle because their market is larger, and that’s what a lot of people want. What makes an OS better? Development. Without developers your OS is limited. Amazon is lacking a lot of apps, even though they offer some other content Google doesn’t. Don’t forget that Google purchased a few extra domain names that if I recall correctly included TV Shows, and Magazines. I’m pretty sure this tablet is going to launch along with a few new things we haven’t seen yet. Making it a stock Android Tablet with a low price isn’t going to cut it for consumers. We’re in for a surprise, I trust Google.

          1. I always trust Google. If they keep going like they have been, honestly, I would be totally ok with Google running the world.

  4. I used to get excited about all these new phone and tablet releases. But it has all worn off for me now that the technology has somewhat matured. It almost feels like trying to get excited over a new laptop release. What I am more interested in is Google and its developers getting more creative with the apps, TV integration, home automation, and gaming. Enough with the bizillion hardware combinations.

    1. Agreed. Now that they’ve got plenty of capable hardware on the market, they need to focus more on developing quality apps designed for tablets.

  5. This will crush ipad, apple is in big trouble if this is true. android has already taken over the market. i would pay twice this price for these specs and delicious jellybean

    1. did you look at the benchmarks? tegra 3 is pretty mediocre.

      1. lol no it’s not… just a few WEEKS ago people were begging for T3 in phones

        now its mediocre?

        for a 200 tablet its a STEAL

        the tab 10.1 is still going for far more than that with a tegra 2

        1. Ignorant sheepish people, yes. Anyone that reads anandtech knows how good Krait is.

    2. iPad’s are for basic users who need a device that will do basic tasks. Android is built for POWER users, now are there more basic users out there; or more power users? Apple will always have a customer base, a customer base of sheep.

      1. Yikes, Apple still has better benchmarks and better game performance. Maybe later in the year they will catch up to Apple’s 1 year old GPU.

        Android tablets are for basement dwelling tinkerers, so far.

        I want Android to succeed but it’s amazing to look at the crap the manufacturers are trying to sell as tablets.

        This tablet will compete well against the kindle fire but it’s not in the league of an ipad.

        1. It’s true, ALL Android devices are 92% baked. What i always liked about Apple products, is the 100$ hardware, including device casing.

  6. I hope it uses a standard USB port to charge. I just returned the Sammy Tab 2 7″ because it used proprietary Sammy cable to charge. And also not many Gameloft games worked… not sure if it was because of 7″ or the resolution.

    I really like the 7″ format over 10″ though. Is just more portable and usable with two hands.

    Looking forward to trying out this badass puppy.

  7. I’m glad that Google isn’t doing the “new name = whole number”. Firefox started doing that and we went from 3.6 to 12.0 in no time at all (I hate it).

    Tegra makes me sad though :(

  8. I wanted to go to I/O but will not be, because i drank too much and overslept night before. And now people are selling tickets for $2,000 a pop….. FML

    1. I have one I could let go for $1,900. Kidding…. Or am I? O_o

      1. You do that alot…. The: I’m kidding.. or am I? :)

      2. Nah…..I’m not a Dev, so i’m not too worried about being there in person. I was gonna go as a student…

  9. Thus the great splintering continues

  10. I really hope there will be a 10″ nexus tablet as well…Ive tried 7″ in tabs, and for me, they just don’t cut it…too small (again, just me).

    If JB is an advancement of ICS the way Gingerbread was over Froyo, then I don’t really care about what number they use, I’ll be good with it.

  11. I’m completely underwhelmed. It seems that all we’re getting from this industry is a lot of trial and error. Try this, try something else, forget everything that’s been done and start over. It’s chaos! And, now we have a new player in Tizen. Here’s hoping old Microsoft will put an end to all this with Win8 that will work on everything from my desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. At least they’ll roll out incremental fixes.

  12. Anybody complaining about it being tegra 3 shouldnt worry about those “benchmarks” they wernt optimized to test tegra quad core so even though the scores were not the highest isnt an indication of its overall performance there hasnt been a single game ive tried that my one x hasnt run perfectly . Im glad its a tegra processor there are so many games being utilized in the “tegra zone” app in the play store. I understand the exynos quad is also awesome but getting a tegra 3 is still great for 199.

  13. Jelly bean already. Google will fail!

  14. 4.1 means that the improvements are going to be minor =0(

    But I guess that’s ok because the platform is more mature now. I just wish we could get the desktop browser on Android.

    1. You never know! I remember how disappointed I was when I got my Nexus One. It was so slow and unruly with Android 2.1 compared to my iTouch, I really thought I made a mistake. I stuck with it and Froyo came out. 2.1 -> 2.2 began my downward spiral of Android Obsession!

  15. im glad i got buy back on my 10.1 galaxy tab…. i’ll be picking this up at no cost :)

  16. one of androids biggest selling points… flash… will no longer be available in jellybean.. sigh

    1. But hopefully by that time HTML5 will be on it’s way to making Flash irrelevant.

    2. I know its a matter of preference, but I have flash disabled on my Android devices. They really do bog down the user experience for me. I wont miss it :)

      1. True.. I dont use flash that much either when I can avoid it. But a large number of websites (like restaurants) still use flash heavily, and this is where I will miss it

  17. I’ll be super hyped for a 10-inch version with better resolution. Has Google officially stated that 4.1 would be Jelly Bean? They’ve gone both ways with candy titles given to both .X updates and X.0 updates.

    1. Honeycomb was for Tablets only so I can see why it was 3.x over the phones 2.x line and since ICS was them combinding both the 2.x and the 3.x branches I can see the 4.0 version being needed but I am more then sure that JB will be 4.1 such as with froyo being 2.2 and having Gingerbread as 2.3 there were changes but nothing needing a large increase in the version number same between ICS and JB there is no need for the large jump to 5.0 from 4.0

  18. Bring on shitloads of Nexus devices please!

  19. Specs wise the only thing i’m not exactly 100% satisfied with is the screen.. can someone please work out what the dpi will be on this tablet considering it’s going to be a 7 inch?

    ALSO I’m yet to be sold the notion of having a tablet.. (regardless of iPad sales) I guess Google needs to show me what they plan on doing differently to Apple as having a tablet is blatantly something we can easily go without! Our smartphones & laptops / PC’s already do so much for us – What does having a tablet do? If They sell this hard as a kindle alternative then Google really has to push hard (competitively with both content & price) via Google Play.

    1. I use my 7inch tablet for reading, watching videos and just basic web browsing mainly. I have a DLNA server set up that I can watch anywhere I have a Internet connection. My phone is to small for watching videos and I dont have a laptop and with a tablet I dont need to lug around a several pound laptop. SO there are uses for a tablet. I mainly work on fixing peoples pcs so having a device like this that I can use to access the internet for info on what I am working on is great as well considering hte pc I am working on may not be able to connect tot he internet for one reason or another.

      As for the dpi it would be better then my Nook Tablet which has a screen res of 1024×600 same as the old netbooks that these tablets seem to be replacing.

    2. It works out to be about 213 ppi.

  20. I just want to point out that I was right and that Jelly Bean is in-fact android 4.1. So I told you so. I don’t know how many ways I can say that i was right and you all were wrong. All the articles were wrong.

    What annoys me the most is that there is no accountability for false reporting.

    1. I would just like to point out that you speak in the manner of a 5 year old. Grow up.

      1. ya because you’re reply is not anything a 5 year old would do…

        Everyone was blasting google for releasing android 5.0. People flocked to apple and windows because of it. Claiming “I have this OS, haven’t even had that OS yet, and they are already on and the next OS”

        But that isn’t true now is it? Take your google hating crap and shuv it.

        There needs to be accountability for false reporting you 5 year old ignoramus.

        1. “you’re reply” is not proper English. Also, what Google hating crap? I love Google and Android. Just because I’m pointing out that you’re a whiny little “I told you so” baby doesn’t mean that I hate Google. Everything that was on this site about Jellybean has been speculation and rumors and it was reported as such. I’m done with this conversation now. Now run along little boy and work on not being such a *female dog*.

    2. God, you’re extremely annoying. Kill yourself.

  21. I’m going to be seriously ticked if they release this with Jelly Bean, while the majority of devices, like my Galaxy Note i717 wait for Ice Cream Sandwich.

  22. if it launches with dual core, i’m not interested. eventually my galaxy nexus will be updated, then i would have a tablet with the same specs as my phone. kind of pointless

    1. One is a communication device (phone) and one is a media consumption device. To me, they serve very different purposes and the specs don’t really matter as much as achieving that purpose.

  23. To sell my TF300T or not.. decisions decisions

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