Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked for the LG Spectrum – Over-The-Air Update Rolling Out Soon?


There’s no denying that Android users everywhere are clamoring for Android 4.0 on their devices. A few weeks ago, the LG Spectrum received a software update to software version VS920V6, but to many a user’s dismay, it wasn’t the sweet taste of Ice Cream Sandwich they were hoping for. While bug fixing updates are always welcomed, some were disappointed to find that it was nothing more than an incremental Android 2.3.6 update.

Well, it looks an official ICS OTA may soon be underway, with an official leaked Android 4.0 build for the LG Spectrum making its way onto XDA forums. Users have been having a tough time applying the update, so you might be better off just waiting for an official rollout for the update to come your way via Verizon. Let’s hope this means the OTA is just around the corner. Looks like LG, who doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for delivering timely software updates, may be trying to change that old image after all.

[XDA | Via AndroidForums]

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  1. Links to the ics leak please!

    1. Click on the “XDA” source link at the bottom..

  2. LG updates their phones quick, whoever said they don’t doesn’t have a clue what their talking about. The Rev had 2.3 before a lot of phones. I don’t like log but I know that statement isn’t accurate.

    1. false. lg is awful with updates. g2x along with other lg phones taking forever to be updated.

  3. Screenshots as soon as someone gets this installed….plz?

    1. Been searching, nobody’s posted anything yet =/

  4. The rezound and razr have had leaks of this for awhile and still no ota so I wouldn’t say an ota is close.

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