Padfone 2 already on the ASUS slate, will feature 4G


ASUS is ramping up for the launch of the long-awaited Padfone three-in-one concept. The gem of Mobile World Congess, the phone within a tablet within a laptop promises to be one of the most intriguing device rollouts in a long while, but it remains to be seen if the concept catches on with the general public. ASUS is at least looking for the Padfone to catch on with business users, and is already looking ahead to a Padfone 2.

A few leaked slides from an ASUS employee strategy debriefing peg the second Padfone (represented here as the Padfone2) as a “key player” in the smartphone market. Of course, to achieve such a status the device will need top-of-the-line specs, and ASUS plans for the next edition of the Padfone to ship with 4G compatibility.

Little else is known of the device, but if it takes a page from previous ASUS releases in the Android-powered Tranfromer line we could be seeing the update sooner rather than later. The manufacturer has opted to focus less time on redesigning the external appearance of their tablet line in order to focus on update the internal specifications in a timely (if not a bit too timely) manner.

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  1. I think the whole concept took Asus a little more time than expected to accomplish and made the Padfone come out later than they thought it would (not even on sale yet) and therefore the specifications wasn’t really up to par with the competition. Also the Keyboard is based on the old Transformer keyboard and quite thick compared to the somewhat slimmer Prime keyboard.

    Padfone 2 will probably address this.

    1. the keyboards to the old Transformer and the Padfone are inter-changeable. It’s because everything is plastic so it’s can’t support too much stress whereas on the Prime it’s all aluminium

  2. Sign me up

  3. Too eager too fast methinks. Then again the eee pc was the same.

  4. Awesome phone. Only thing is i wish it looked less like an iPhone.

    1. How do you think Samsung made a name for themselves at the beggining? It worked for them, it can work for the “padfone”

  5. damn you Asus! ugh still waiting on a US release date for the first one.

  6. I think is was apples lawsuits working against them. It gave Samsung positive publicity. Still prefer samsungs unique designs on galaxy series. An all in one devices are awesome contrary to what a foolish Tim cook said. Still prefer a unique outer device. Prefer it to look nothing like an iPhone. An all in one Samsung would be sick. Phone tab laptop.

  7. Stupid. Why would you let surface any minute bit of news of a sequel to a product when you’ve yet to even release the first one?

    Who’s gonna want to buy it now after you let slip about its sequel already? Then they’ll cancel the sequel because it’s predecessor doesn’t sell well…

    And WHY do you think THAT happened o_O?

    1. That isn’t necessarily the case, Padfone 1 can be marketed as the mid-tier device and Padfone 2 can be marketed as the flag ship device later, with only a qHD+ display and a 3G radio the phone itself is only “on-par” with the One S so they need a better device to be a key player for spec whores. There’s nothing to say that Padfone 2 is even an Android device either, they may already have a Windows 8 version of the Padfone in development so that they can differentiate between their phone releases with different operating systems and they only have to make marginal upgrades to the tablet (resolution, 3D etc.) or make it backwards compatible so it’s not a big deal. If the next Padfone is just an S4 Pro with LTE and an HD screen running on Jellybean for December/January that’s already 2 quarters, which is a life time in electronics. And considering Asus is already working with Google on a Nexus Tablet, they’re going to have a huge head start on Jellybean so ofcourse they want to move to market ASAP with their own device or hell, maybe Asus will produce this year’s Nexus Phone as well.

  8. 720p display and a bigger battery in the handset pretty please.
    This would be the PERFECT device for me then.

  9. hope it comes with ubuntu for android
    and the 11.6″ screen and keyboard like the transformer book

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