HTC One X Software Update Version 1.29.401.7 Being Pushed Out Now In Europe

The unlocked international version of the HTC One X is now receiving its second software update since its release. Version 1.29.401.7 is being pushed out today to users in the UK and while we don’t have a detailed changelog, it’s been speculated by users on over on XDA that the 35MB update addresses color temperature issues and typical bug fixes. Has anyone been prompted for the update yet? Any improvements or general weirdness being noticed?

Thanks, Fish-Bone!


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  • Jmar1183

    I just installed it. Everything seems great as usual

  • Pave mentioned,everythings great as usual

  • Boom! Its phatman

    Probably patching the bootloader :-

    • Chris Chavez

      You’re probably right -_-

    • rogersnm

      The hboot version is the same as the 1.28 RUU and matches the md5 and sha1 hash of the hboot img in the 1.28 RUU.

  • Andrew Munro

    Update received in Netherlands this morning. Works fine. I had a couple of photos I made second day which I thought were too yellow, but they dont seem any better.

    Everything else seems great with the phone.

    • ronnie

       reduce the contrast in the settings by one click

  • Snowboard Roel

    I’m using my phone for 1 week now. crashed 3 times. I hope this update will fix it. Since this morning it works fine… hope it stays like this…

  • Edgar Petrauskas

    Update live in holland aswell, just installed it. Everything seems to work fine, however i havent had any problems with the phone.

  • Edgar Petrauskas


    – New HBOOT 0.94;
    – New RADIO 1.26.401.2;
    – Fixed HTC Sense Calendar widget crashing;
    – Fixed HTC Calendar double dates bug;
    – Fixed HTC Sense crashing;
    – Fixed Screen glitches;
    – Improved Tegra 3 gaming;
    – Improved HTC Gallery playback;
    – Improved ICS detection, dots removed in YouTube app;
    – Improved Beats audio, no more skipping;
    – Improved non-Sense widget scrolling 
    – Improved HTC Teeter gaming;
    – Improved overall speed. 

    • rogersnm

      That changelog is for the previous update, not the 1.29 update:

  • davidyell

    I just got the 1.28 update this morning on my umbranded uk handset

  • Gary Bains

    Still hasn’t fixed the wretched live wallpaper problems.

  • Chike

    Just received the update this afternoon, could not confirm any changes, as I just got the phone just for 2 days now and all I can say is that I love my HTC One X( AWESOME)

  • PaganHonkey

    just got it today in the UK

  • Iskender Merza

    i just got the to day in bangladesh
    video play improved.
    don’t understand any thing