Samsung Galaxy S III Pops Up On Amazon – Reserve It Now For Only 600 Euros

We received a Phantip from one of our readers that the Samsung Galaxy S III has popped up on Amazon’s German site, carrying with it a 600 euro price sticker. The listing shows the phone will come with a 12MP camera, 4.7-inch display and 16GB of internal memory. Wouldn’t take those specs as “Bible,” but you can pre-order it right now if you’d like. More of a placeholder than anything, it looks like the device will be fulfilled by Amazon and not a 3rd party retailer.

Thanks, Frank!

[Amazon.De | Via AndroidNext]

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  • maximillion82

    Yeah right pre order something no one knows exactly what they ate getting. A 600 euro rock?

    • Chris Chavez

      A rock with a quad-core processor, HD display and NFC O.o

      (Edited because I forgot the NFC =p)

  • RangersK

    According to a source, the display of GS3 is neither 4.6″ nor 4.7″.

  • Samsung_Apple_Fan

    i can’t take it anymore!  

  • tyler

    Hey a device with the model number GT-i9800 just got wifi certification I this k that’s the gs3 ;)

  • NERV

    “Only” 600 Euro, only?

    • Chris Chavez

      I reserved 6 of ’em… O_o

      • HalfwayCrook

        lol :p

  • Tyler

    Yeah sorry i though it got widow cert more recently.. well something tells me this gt-i9300 is a mid range Device and Samsung is sitting back laughing at us
    .. they this.k we have a video of the galaxy s 3 when its probably the galaxy m or something stupid like that it’ll be the infuse of the galaxy s 2’s..

  • Tyler

    Hey Chris make an article on this hahahaha its widow cert was giving on april-20-2012 gt-i9800

  • Steven

    Everyone can become seller on Amazon and submit their products, so there can be written almost everything. But would be cool to have good lens, sensor and 12 megapixels