Samsung Galaxy S III Pops Up On Amazon – Reserve It Now For Only 600 Euros


We received a Phantip from one of our readers that the Samsung Galaxy S III has popped up on Amazon’s German site, carrying with it a 600 euro price sticker. The listing shows the phone will come with a 12MP camera, 4.7-inch display and 16GB of internal memory. Wouldn’t take those specs as “Bible,” but you can pre-order it right now if you’d like. More of a placeholder than anything, it looks like the device will be fulfilled by Amazon and not a 3rd party retailer.

Thanks, Frank!

[Amazon.De | Via AndroidNext]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Yeah right pre order something no one knows exactly what they ate getting. A 600 euro rock?

    1. A rock with a quad-core processor, HD display and NFC O.o

      (Edited because I forgot the NFC =p)

      1. Lol a brick with a smartphone drawn on it . And no i dont mean a blackberry

        1. It’s not nice to speak of the dead like that… o_O

      2. and in what country can you actually use the NFC?

          1. i couldn’t use it on my Galaxy S II and people on xda can’t use it on their One X, so maybe you have a different phone.

          2. I have a Galaxy Nexus.
            But this guy uses it on his Galaxy S II :

  2. According to a source, the display of GS3 is neither 4.6″ nor 4.7″.

  3. i can’t take it anymore!  

  4. Hey a device with the model number GT-i9800 just got wifi certification I this k that’s the gs3 ;)

    1. Wait- wut? LINK! O_O

      1. He’s wrong, it didn’t ‘just’ get wifi certification.

        It happened at least as far back as January, when GT i9300 and GT i9800 were first spotted.


  5. “Only” 600 Euro, only?

    1. I reserved 6 of ’em… O_o

      1. lol :p

  6. Yeah sorry i though it got widow cert more recently.. well something tells me this gt-i9300 is a mid range Device and Samsung is sitting back laughing at us
    .. they this.k we have a video of the galaxy s 3 when its probably the galaxy m or something stupid like that it’ll be the infuse of the galaxy s 2’s..

  7. Hey Chris make an article on this hahahaha its widow cert was giving on april-20-2012 gt-i9800 http://certifications.wi-fi.org/pdf_certificate.php?cid=WFA14221

  8. Everyone can become seller on Amazon and submit their products, so there can be written almost everything. But would be cool to have good lens, sensor and 12 megapixels 

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