Motorola devices get universal root method


XDA Forums member rodrigojfuentes has developed a universal root method for Motorola devices running Android 2.3. While the new method isn’t necessarily the simplest way to go about gaining superuser access (it’s far from a one-click root), it does provide a common base from which developers and enthusiasts can work with Motorola hardware.

To gain root, users must be running Linux (or a Linux virtual machine within Windows or Mac). The process requires obtaining and altering several files and then flashing the Android device. Like we said, not the most straight-forward method but given the range of phones it covers we’ll let that slide. Good thing Motorola doesn’t seem to pressed push out that Ice Cream Sandwich update, as it could break the universal root method. I kid, I kid. But rooting a Gingerbread phone and installing a custom Android 4.0 ROM is a heck of a lot quicker.

[via XDA]

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  1. Sounds more of a hassle than its worth. Sucks that moto made a statement that they will unlock bootloaders last year. Now they’re more locked down than ever.

    1. of course you realize there are simpler root methods for each specific device right?

      and how do you figure they’ve become MORE locked down?

  2. Anyone know of a good custom rom for the ATRIX 2?

  3. Yeah buy a new phone. I kids I kids. Xda developer.com or I think that’s it. They have all your root/rom needs. That’s where I got my ics rom for my razr.

  4. http://www.psouza4.com/Bionic/ I'm just going to put this right here, it’s not like we had this since the d3/bionic were released, of course not.

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