Sprint Galaxy Nexus Arrives Early For Some Lucky Pre-Orderers


I love a good surprise. Next to waking up to a warm plate of breakfast in bed, this would have to come in close second. If you were one of the lucky few Sprint customers who were able to squeeze in a pre-order of the Galaxy Nexus (before it sold either due to overwhelming demand or short supply) you may have noticed a little surprise today from the delivery man. Looks like the Galaxy Nexus is showing up a full 2 days early, for some and is something not to uncommon for those that pre-order a handset and have it delivered to their home. Anyone else get their Galaxy Nexus today? More importantly, anyone receiving some of Sprint’s brand new 4G LTE in their area?

Chris Chavez
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  1. Is Sprints version the i515 or did they revise the model number for their network?

    1. Different network, different model number, SPH-L700

      1. Yeah my phone is plastered with L700 in the builds.  

        I hope this presses Samsung to finally get some better LTE options out for docks. 

  2. boxing mine now

  3. I definitely like my galaxy nexus! I love Verizon’s 4g too. I wonder what version the sprint’s is? Mine was 4.02 before I rooted

    1. i’ve been hearing Sprints came with 4.0.4

      1. Mine is 4.0.4.  Doesnt surprise me though, this phone is BONE STOCK.  Not one sprint app, google wallet and the tethering is still enabled.  

        Im guessing Verizon only got the phone first because they had an LTE network to plaster it on.  I still don’t know why Google didn’t just give it to all comers and let the carriers fight it out.  

        Im glad I hung on for sprint.  Ive seen the road map of plans they have to the IDEN bandwidth (which slots right in with LTE), I have a cheap plan and they are the only US carrier to carry a completely unmolested Nexus.

    1. 4.0.4!

  4. I’m really curious what ICS version number Sprint Gnex has out of box.

    1. 4.0.4

      1. Verizon customers are prob going to get it by the end of the year lol, realy wish they would just send the ota update out already

        1. Sprint has a pretty good relationship with Google, so hopefully the Sprint users won’t see the short end of the stick like VZW users.

          1. Too bad verizon got theirs months ago, and sprint is picking up the leftovers as usual

          2. Cry more.

  5. This is what desperation looks like in the cellular industry.

    1. How exactly is this an image of desperation? Hmm, me thinks you must be a troll.

  6. Has Sprint even started their LTE?

    1. yes, They started it around last January… Its actually up and running on many towers now, with more being added every day.

      1. Tell me more, fanboy

        1. he asked a question and i answered it. chill. why are you so mad?

        2. Lol, y u mad bro!?

          1. Why would I be mad? LOL! I have been cruising on data speeds of 30 mbps while you guys are on 400 kbps of “3g”, lol

          2. Shoo away troll. We don’t like your kind around here.

        3. lol wow your kinda snappy aren’t ya, he was answering a question without misleading the person who asked it… they HAVE had LTE towers up for a while now and they ARE adding  and working on locations daily.

          cry more, troll

  7. Got mine today!!! Now I’m just wondering when D.C. will get LTE…Why Baltimore and not D.C.?

    1. I get a solid 4 bars of LTE on Verizon in DC nearly everywhere I go.  Sorry.

  8. My wife got hers today, but it looks like Atlanta doesn’t have LTE yet.

    1. Dont fret, its already been announced that we are one of the first 4 LTE markets.  They are testing it in small markets now and (according to a friend who works for a network contracting firm for them) have the equipment in place for the first markets.  

      He doesnt know when they will actually turn it on but having the gear in place is a good sign.

  9. Wow! Sprint Actually put it in the same box as the GSM model and it had 4.0.4, I’m kinda regretting get a Verizon GNEX…SHIT!!

    1. Don’t. First of all, it’s Sprint. Secondly, its only 3G, which is equatable to verizon’s 2g. Finally, it’s sprint.

      1. You keep telling yourself that :) My Sprint 3G where I live is faster than your VZW 3G, so hush up there.


        1. and this is why sprint is good for some bad for others…. YMMV as always

          i’m with sprint because like you, every location i ever go to i get SUPERB coverage and connection, better than the other three options, so why would i NOT be on sprint, its a PLUS for me :D

          nice speeds

          1. Precisely. Well said CD.

            We choose what is best for us. We don’t sheep around because it’s the “hip” thing to do. If Sprint doesn’t have quality coverage in your area, so be it. Go to another provider. That’s the beauty about having options. Don’t go bitching about it on the internet like some 6-yr old.

          2. You think people chose carries because it’s the “hip” thing to do? Lol! What a tool

          3. Where in NYC do you live. Im thinking of going to Sprint, and want to know if my 3G will reach those speeds you posted before.

          4. I don’t live in NYC anymore, but I do work in Manhattan still. Moved out to Long Island.

          5. Do you happen to live around the Astoria area, as that is where I would use my phone most. And thanks for the quick reply.

      2. Actually just recently on this site they did a comparison of all US carriers and both Sprint and Verizon suffered equally on “3g” since CDMA revB is more like 2.5G.

  10. Yea got mine today at 11am CST…Went to Verizon to buy extended batteries and bestbuy for sedio case with holster…Original battery back cover fits with a slight raise with extended batteries and the back cover thats come with Verizon battery doesn’t fit correctly on one side. Screen protectors from Verizon as well. The case fits just fine with the extended batteries as well  Oh forgot to mention batteries are 50% off at Verizon….That’s about it for now..Im in Dallas Ft. Worth… haven’t driven around to see if i could catch a LTE signal yet. The 3g radio as of now either sucks or the bars are incorrect. I have either 0 or 1 bar even after updating profile and prl….Made 1 call today and it was fine….Anyhow more testing to come..Speed test more voice calls etc…..

    1. You might find this helpful if you’re in the DFW area. 

      1. Yes i was in the car and went smack right through green areas in Dallas Ft.Worth. Probably about 5 different areas..No LTE.  Seems as towers might have equipment according to website but they are sure not on right now!

        1. Cant say anything about where he is but Ive been doing a back to back to an OG Evo and the Nexus reception has been the same (or in a few situations) SLIGHTLY better.  

    2.  the nexus radios aren’t the best check the forums that is a known issue with the verizon version also.

  11. Got mine Friday afternoon. This thing flies. No lte in Detroit though.

  12. Im a troll hunter

  13. No..can’t wait Central Florida

  14. In Central Florida still haven’t gotten mines yet

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