Google Introduces Local Search Results History Across All Devices

Google’s just introduced a simple, yet useful feature for their Google Search product today. When searching for and looking at a local place on, say, your desktop, that result will be saved in your history and can be viewed if you switch to mobile. I’ve always had the problem of forgetting an address en route to a place I’m not familiar with. While I never had much of a problem with just searching for it on Google Maps, it’s there if you need it. Again, nothing exciting or revolutionary, but it’s there if you need it. Be sure to sign into your account and have web history enabled to be able to use it. [Google]

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  • Lee Goldschmidt

    Perhaps because of the unified privacy policy? 

  • Sgt Awesome

    Google is the shit. They can keep track of my searches all they want because it will just make everything more seamless in the end.