Google Wallet Warns That Rooted Users Are Unsupported, Vulnerabilities Still Run Wild


Faced with reports and evidence that some pretty nasty vulnerabilities have plagued the Google Wallet experience, Google naturally set out to make things right. While they work to implement a more proper fix for some of these things, Google will opt to simply warn rooted users that they are not supported. Despite this fact, everything works just as it always has on Google Wallet. As the most serious vulnerabilities only affect root users it’s natural for Google to allow those knowledgeable enough to have rooted devices to continue on. We would prefer it if they got a move on getting those proper fixes in place, though, so we’re not totally satisfied yet. Continue to use it at your own risk. [The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Even with “nasty vulnerabilities”, it is more secure than a normal credit card….

  2. Fortunately you don’t need to root just to get an app that’s not on the Market. If you want to root, it’s because you like to experiment and take risks with your phone but you can’t expect everything else to work.

  3. I love how google actually tries to support it’s hacking community rather than fight it like apple.

    1. Can’t you read? They’re clearly saying rooted users are unsupported.

      1. But it still runs

      2. cant you read too? they arent fighting them, they are discouraging it. jackass.

        1. I didn’t say they were fighting them, I said they’re not supporting them, as clearly indicated in the post, which was apparently unclear to lynyrd65, and to you as well.

          The fact that you would result to name calling just further proves your lack of intelligence.

          1. Google very much supports rooting. That’s the purpose of the Nexus program. It’s a dev phone, with an unlocked bootloader. They are simply giving rooted users a warning about this app…aka covering their asses.

  4. it’s natural for Google to allow those knowledgeable enough to have rooted devices to continue on”

    Unfortunately I’ve read too many posts from rooted users to think they’re all knowledgeable. A lot are, but definitely not all. And i guarantee the ones who aren’t very knowledgeable will be complaining about this.

  5. Covering their ass is all that is.  They want “openness”, and encourage Rooting devices yet are slow to fix security issues on their own software for rooted devices?  Kinda lame if you ask me.

    1. Software that requires root does so to get around the sandbox restriction… If you allow an app to run outside of the sandboxing protection, then there’s not much anyone can do to protect you from yourself since you’ve already removed the security restrictions.
      Storing the data encrypted doesn’t do much if your encryption password is only a few numbers long…. I suppose they could allow supremely long encryption passwords to get around that, though who would actually use it if it becomes so inconvenient?

    2.  Why is it lame? You can root if you want and do anything you want but you can’t expect everything else to work.

  6. ill unroot. but i hope google puts the search ley on the bottom with the other keys, i see no reason not to have it, also i’d like functionality back where i can press and hold for voice commands

  7. make it available for tmobile users with the GSM model and we won’t root to use it!

    1. I’m not rooted and have it running on my unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus with no problems.  And I’m on T-Mobile.

  8. Ever since I unlocked and rooted my LTE Nexus and re installed the Wallet app, my prepaid card keeps saying it’s unavailable. About a week ago it was saying that they were working on update or something and to try again later, but now it’s back to saying unavailable along with the “unsopported device” banner. I never even got a chance to use it… :-(

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