Android Apps Are Getting Bigger – Market Now Allows For Up To 4GB Downloads


There’s no question that Android applications are getting bigger and better. Whether it’s with games or full featured Twitter applications, it’s rare you’ll find anything under a few megabytes. For those that get into gigabyte territory, Google has upgraded the previous 50MB limit for Android apps to a whopping 4GB in extra resources, to better accommodate developers.

This means you’ll start to find a lot less apps that, after installation, ask to download GB’s of system resources to your SD before you can play a game. Also, users will now be able to see the real size of the applications they’re looking to install. Soon, gone will be the days of downloading a 1MB game only to find it needs 3GB of SD storage and by that time, the 15 minute return window is over. Now, the 15 min wont start until the whole app — including resources — are completely downloaded and ready for play. There’s also a certain amount of safety that can be found when downloading extra resource files from Google servers vs. the app developer’s. Never know what you can catch these days.

App developers can find more helpful resources via the source link below.


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  1. FINALLY!!! Hopefully no more extra downloads after downloading the app. Now i might buy some EA and Gameloft games. Now Google, raise the refund period from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

    1. I agree, the 24 hours of yesteryear may have been a little too much… especially for the Dev’s sake… but 15 minutes, now? come on!  I think an hour is more than fair for both the Dev’s and the purchasers.

      1.  24 hours is only too long for tiny games that you’ll uninstall after playing for a day.

        1. He was saying turn it back to an hour………

  2. Just one problem, the refund window needs expanded because it takes a lot longer to download apps that are large.  15 minutes isn’t cutting it.

    1. Good news. 15 minute window doesn’t begin until the whole app — and resources — have been downloaded. =)

      1. Thats genius 

      2. Missed that.  Doh!

    2. “Now, the 15 min wont start until the whole app — including resources — are completely downloaded and ready for play.” .. Seriously? y u no read correctly?

    3.  how slow is ur phone ? there is nothing in the market that will take my phone 15 mins
      and yeah read the article

      1. Probably a MetroPCS phone… in a 1x area.

      2. Sprint data.

  3. Bigger apps, and yet, not a single phone has yet been introduced with a microSDXC slot for official support of storage larger than 32GB, and files larger than 4GB. Cloud my ass.

    1. You took the words out of my mouth

    2. G A L A X Y S I I I

  4. Except for one thing: most data plans are 2-3 gigs per month. So, nice to know you’ll most likely go over with ONE app. Thank God I still have unlimited haha

    1. wifi?

    2. there’s always wifi…

    3. I’m pretty sure Google is going to make them require WiFi. They already have it for some… the carriers would be pissed if Google started serving up 500mb+ downloads all the time on their networks.

  5. Great news!

    Especially so since so many of the new superphones (Galaxy Nexus, HTC One series) do not allow for expandable memory.  With ~13GB usable on those phones, you get to download a whopping 3 of these games!

  6. The benefits of having a gs2 and a 32 gb card. I don’t care how big these apps are I still have a crap load of space

    1. Yup, enjoy waiting 5 minutes for the game to load…
      By the time games become 4 gb’s your galaxy s 2 will be severly outdated and unable to play it anyway.

  7. If you don’t have wifi or true unlimited, you’re screwed.

  8. Um…? Yea. So if I was on Verizon with no WiFi, you think I’d download this? I mean, I wouldn’t even download the extra resources without WiFi. When I was on Tmo, I tolerated my school’s 1.5Mb speeds when downloading resource files.

    And this means phones MUST have external SD card slots. I mean 3 Gameloft games and it’s over. -_-

    This article actually made me not want to get the Gnex on Sprint now.

  9. APK files still limited to 50MB

  10. Loving my true unlimited 4g vzw service. I use about 8gb/month. I’m happy to hear about the return window :)

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