Dark Horse Comics Now Available On Nook Tablet and Nook Color


For all you comic book er– I’m sorry, graphic novel lovers out there with a Nook Tablet or Nook Color, you now have a little more reading material for your tab. Dark Horse comics has announced that they’ve released their entire digital library for your viewing pleasure. After having been made readily available on iOS for some time now, Dark Horse is partnering with Barnes & Noble to offer all their comics from Mass Effect, Star Wars, Hellboy, Sin City and more for the Nook tabs. The latest issues and more titles will be added every month. Dark Horse didn’t mention if they had any plans to make their graphic novels available for “regular” Android devices in the near future.

[B&N Store | Dark Horse]

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  1. Interesting. Currently I use DC Comics and Marvel apps on NC CM7, but this may make me revive that dual-boot partition with factory ROM.

  2. The Dark Horse app is already on the Android Market. They have not enabled in-app purchases yet, so it goes to their website for orders.

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