Mar 5th, 2012

We’ve been following Android’s next great MMORPG , Dark Legends, for awhile now. The teaser trailer — which was really well done, I might add — showed us what could be a more serious side from developer Spacetime Studios who has so far kept their MMO’s lighthearted, with cutesy style visuals. Up until this point, we haven’t seen any actual gameplay for Dark Legends, so we really had no idea what to expect. Will Spacetime Studios and company go for an entirely different art direction with Dark Legends? Have a look for yourself in the gameplay trailer.

Thankfully, gone are the super deformed character models from sister titles like Pocket Legends and Star Legends before it, although there’s still a World of Warcraft feel to the graphics. But, as you can see, Dark Legends wont find itself lacking in the gore department. Heads and limbs fly off of enemies with reckless abandon and pools of blood soak various levels. This will definitely be aimed at the more mature crowed. What do you guys think? Visuals still a little too cartoony for you? Or is Spacetime Studios heading in the right direction with Dark Legends? Still no word yet on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted.