ASUS confirms PadFone release to come in April


The ASUS PadFone may have taken some time to come around, after being announced over a year ago, for the first time. The trio surely managed to still get a good impression, though, as it is one of the most unique devices we saw at Mobile World Congress. But there has been no details about availability until today.

According to ASUS’ official Google+ account, the PadFone will be released in April (mentioned in the comments). And while there are still no details on pricing and other specifics, ASUS did tell us we should hear more about that in a few weeks.

More than anything, we would like to know where this device is going to be released during that time period. With our luck, the list probably won’t include the US, just yet. It would have to go through a carrier, so let’s hope that one of the US-specific ones has it planned to release this bad boy in time.

It may not be your quad-core beast, but its specs are nothing to scoff at. Not to mention that its accessories offer an almost unbeatable functionality. Are any of you thinking about getting this one?

[Source: ASUS (Google+)]

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  1. If the package is more than 800 unlocked they can kiss it

  2. Really thinking about it. Tablet docks should become standard accessories for android phones.

  3. same here, if its above 700 dollars its gonna fail i aint buying it 

  4. Under $800 unlocked? The phone itself well likely be around $600 unlocked, so you want a tablet dock and NetBook dock for $ 200 or less? Good luck

  5. Really?  iPhone4S 32gb $750 iPad 32gb $730 all retail!  $1480 total?  Even if you discount that 50%, the Padfone (if executed with performance, quality and dependability) is still way ahead in specs and capability than the iApple overpriced devices.

  6. depending on the rpice and which carrier stocks it here in the us I am really thinking of picking this up but at the moment I dont have much money to my name.

  7. This IS the future. I just hope I can afford it.

  8. I love my ASUS tablets, but based on their track record I think I’ll wait a couple more months for the Padfone2.

    1. miso_sori, what do you mean “based on ASUS track record”, do you mean their quality in execution is questionable and suspicious?

      1. No aside from the gps issue I think they’ve done well with their first forays into android. What I was referring to was their penchant for releasing a sequel device just a couple months after the original.

        1. Have you channeled anyone or anything on which carrier will be smart enough to carry this device/s?

          1. I have no idea what will actually happen but I think ASUS’ best bet it’s to force the carriers’ hands by bringing it to market themselves compatible with gsm and cdma, just pop your sim card in. I think if ASUS can tighten up their execution and solve their supply shortcomings and get in with a major carrier they are uniquely positioned to blur the gap between mobile and desktop computing but that’s a lot of ands. I think they’re just trying to get their foot in the door right now. Sorry tldr I know

          2. Thanks for the insight. I would be awfully disappointed if nobody picks up the baton and offers this very innovative concept in simplifying our tech lives by merging functions into one system.

          3. @JCRules I agree totally, this is the next logical step. Mobile devices strong enough to power a desktop experience that you carry with you and mount into various docks as needed, docks around the house and public and private places as well.
            Unfortunately it will be hard to convince the major carriers in this direction. Their current business model revolves around them getting you to sign as many contracts on as many different devices as possible. I fear they’ll have to be dragged to the table kicking and screaming due to market pressure. Also until the bandwidth crunch is solved it isn’t really quite feasible yet.

          4. miso_sori, I think/know you hit it right on the head. It can all boil down to $$$$$. From 2-3 revenue streams to just one! Don’t have any problems in corporations making money but let’s be real and helpful for a change.


  9. Not quad core? Ill pass.

  10. It’s so sad to see people wanting A9 quad cores over A15 dual cores, even though it will be years before we start seeing apps that take proper advantage of quad.

    Id rather have the raw processing power than the bragging rights.. noobs

  11. Real hard choice between grabbing one of these, or waiting it out for Razer’s Project Fiona…

    1. Since you are just trying to sound tech savvy, let me inform you that Project Fiona and this padphone have nothing in common and have completely different functions.

      1. Maybe so, but it could just be a question of economics

        1. Ok I will play that game too then……..Its a real hard choice between this padphone or waiting it out for the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon lol

  12. I am definitely waiting for this. I’m pretty sure that by selling my phone and Transformer w/dock I’ll be able to buy the trio with no problem. I just hope my carrier is supported.

    1. Rumor is that the Transformer dock will work with the Padphone Tablet. FYI

      1. If that is the case I’ll buy it when it gets out. Money would be the only issue, but considering what you get for the money should make the decision easier, at least one hopes it does.

  13. I so desperately want this. I’m expectig this to run around 900-1k unsubbed for the whole package to be honest.
    Roughly 600 for the device itself (if they want to be really generous). 150-200 for the tablet dock and 150 for the keyboard. Any less and it’s a steal.

    People who are expecting this to run under 7-800 unsubbed must never have bought an unsubbed phone before or something. How can you expect the full combo of high end phone, tablet dock and kb dock to run for under 7-800 when high end phones run around upwards to 700+ by themselves?

    If it were to run that low It would be like a dream come true.

  14. Only dual core and no NFC.  I’ll wait for the PadFone 2.

  15. Depending on the battery life but I am thinking of maybe!

  16. When someone out there get some legit, accurate and reliable (no rumors please) intel on the carrier availability, timing and pricing of the Padfone system, please share it in the Forum.  If you get the final production specs also, that’ll be a bonus.  Thank you.

  17. I knew someone would come up with this.  I don’t know why it took so long, but I’ll be first in line to buy one!  Need beta testers?  I volunteer!

  18. I would buy the entire combo cash money right now if it were out on Verizon!!

  19. Too much reviews, hands-on, rumors, repetitive scuttle-butt.  How about “real news” from ASUS or any of the carriers re: US availability, real pricing (even just a range), anything with substance.  I know marketers and companies like wetting the consumer’s appetite but this is just game playing.  If this persist, it will somehow backfire on some people like myself.  I have been waiting for years for this kind of tablet-cell revolution.  I want one NOW!  Give us the Padfone!

  20. Well, I knew this is an evolutionary idea.  Did you hear about the “forthcoming” Exotablet dock for the iPhone?  Well, if ASUS does not move fast enough, their market will be diluted and reduced by the Apple groupies should this dock materialize.  It is still just ANOTHER rumor but….  ASUS c’mon!!!

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