Android Overload: GO Launcher HD Beta, Samsung Galaxy S III benchmark, Apple vs. Samsung, upcoming Verizon devices and more


Android Overload is where we bring you all the news that are interesting, but didn’t manage to make it to our main page. Today we have a flurry of good news that might be of interest to you. So make sure to look through them and see if there may be anything that calls your attention.

If you are a fan of tablet launchers, you might want to check out GO Launcher HD Beta, as the launcher is very popular among smartphone launchers. We also have some rumored Galaxy S III benchmarks, as well as some leaked information about upcoming Verizon devices. And let’s not forget our daily dose of patent wars news, this time featuring Apple and Samsung.

  • GO Launcher HD Beta bringing great customization to tablets. [Go Launcher]
  • Samsung Galaxy S III benchmarks surface? [PocketNow]
  • German court dismisses 2 patent lawsuits from Samsung and Apple. [Reuters]
  • HTC ImageSense sample photos surface. [Android and Me]
  • White HTC Amaze 4G discontinued, make way for the HTC One S. [TmoNews]
  • HTC Fireball to be DROID Incredible 4G, Droid Fighter and LG Lucid coming soon. [Unwired View, Droid-Life]
  • LG Optimus Elite coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile as an affordable smartphone. [Pocket Now]
  • AT&T asking 2G customers to jump to 3G and 4G – big changes coming. [GigaOM]
  • LG Connect 4G brings LTE speeds to MetroPCS customers for only $319. [MetroPCS]
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Unofficial VLC Beta app plays all video formats, available for select devices

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  1. wtf discontinue the amaze? thats still a great phone why not discount it
    it has a removable batt and sd card unlike one s!

    1.  i read white htc amaze, still going to be available in black im sure

    2. when a phone can no longer bringing in any more revenue, it’s normal to discontinue it. that’s how business work. 

  2. Those photo samples are delicious. If those are the actual raw photos from camera without any post processing then it looks like HTC has made a pretty incredible camera. 

  3. Co

  4. Keep on believing them fake galaxy s3 rumors.

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