Central Core Studios “Zombie Virus” Live Wallpaper Will Blow Your Mind… Then Make You Hunger For More


There’s a new virus inside the Android Market but before you run off to alert Google Bouncer, this is a virus you’ll actually want on your device. Central Core Studios has recently become my go-to-developers for gorgeous looking live wallpapers on my Android device, and where last time, they showed us far off planets and sci-fi worlds — this time, they’re taking things a little closer to home (inside our own bodies, close) with RadiantWalls HD: Zombie Virus live wallpapers.

“Central Core Labs” has finally given us the opportunity to see through a microscope, and observe a zombie virus as it infects the human body. Brought to life the developers’ keen attention to detail, all 3 stages of the zombification process are present:

  • Stage 1: Mortuuscocci Iterumvita (B23-12) – Basic walkers are infected with a bacteria strain that modifies their cell structures and reanimates their dead bodies.
  • Stage 2: Milesmortussvirdae (M3-13) – A synthetic virus developed as an antidote to the B23-12 bacterial infection. It mutated as it fed on the undead bacteria further mutating the animated corpse allowing it run at high speeds.
  • Stage 3: Loquinervifectios (FC202) – Fully infected synapses. A fully formed zombie will display 100 percent infected nerve cells which still pulse in their infected state.

Each live wallpaper (paid version comes with all 3) can be fine tuned and tweaked to provide for optimal performance on your Android device. I can’t even begin to tell you how great these look on my Galaxy S II. Even with maxed out settings, everything is pumping along smooth and without a hitch. Only problem I’ve found is I’ve developed this strange rash since downloading, and have been dragging one of my legs when I walk. I’m sure it’s nothing.

I can’t wait to see the next project from Central Core Studios. According to their site, badass vehicles and cute cartoon gnomes are next. You can get infected with RadiantWalls HD – Zombie Virus right now in the Android Market.

[$1.50 Paid Version (All 3 Live Wallpapers) | Free Version (Single Live Wallpaper)]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Perhaps I’m just sensitive to frame rates, but this thing definitely slows down scrolling through home pages on my Gnex.

    1. Ugh. Thanks for the tip. Same reason I still use the stock lwp . Actually still see lap, that are updated with ics in the changelog that still stutter and lag….
      Hurts when I see it one my gf’s Dinc 2 running smooth.

      1. I’ve noticed that my gnex doesnt take to livewallpapers as well. This phone is awesome but has a considerable amount of lag with or with the live wallpaper. I hope it gets faster with updates.

        1. Unfortunately that may be up to the maker of the lwp to optimize for ics. But that begs the question still, why still laggy on ics after all this time.

          1. The Galaxy Nexus has 2.5 times as many pixels to be drawn.

          2. So with that said, are Rezound owners going through the same with their resolution with gingerbread? Is it more pixels then OS the real culprit?

        2. its that gpu they skimped on

  2. The Walking Dead is awesome, this… meh

  3. even looks good on my poor ole TB!

  4. This would be a MUCH nicer LWP if you could reduce the speed of the throbbing. As it is, it’s way way too energetic (and it’s white, so uses more energy on OLED than black). LWPs should be slow and subtle. (uninstalled)

  5. Sounds, like a quad core app so far…

    1. Works perfect on my Epic Touch..

  6. Lagged things up, switched back to a still wall paper.

    1. get a better phone

      1. I rather like my GNex tyvm.

  7. Posting an article on an average live wallpaper…………….

    1. There’s 3 of them. And judging by the perfect 5 star rating, I’d say these are a little above “average” =p

      1. You shouldn’t judge things by a rating, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  This is an average live wallpaper that I tried out and found to be laggy. So, no its not above average at all.  Sorry, but your assumption is incorrect.

        1. you need to work on your reading comprehension; he judged the wallpaper by trying it out, his 5 star ratings comment was in defense of you calling it average…as in most people dont think its average.

  8. Believe it or not guys… this actually runs decently on my old HTC Hero (Sprint)!! :)

  9. Runs perfect on xperia play.

  10. Very cool, Chris. Thanks for the heads-up! It’s much harder to find the cool LWPs than it used to be shortly after 2.1 was released. Of course, there were maybe, 20, since they were new then, but now you have to go through tons of them before you find one that you like. Not complaining, it’s great to have 1000s of option instead of 10s, but there are a lot that I don’t find until someonw points it out, or I get lucky searching the market.

  11. Works great on og epic 4g. … .. but he’s right, the walking dead is awesome….undead adw theme seals the deal. Now if only someone would create an app I could reverse audio/ringtones with and really creep myself out.

    1. Um… If you’re trying to make your own ringtones with your sounds, you can get RingDroid. 

      This app allows you to use sounds saved on your device. From there you edit the parts that you want to use. You can even trim songs to get rid of huge blank areas.

      And if you flash your phone, but keep your memory card, or whatever. The files will still be there. So if you reset your phone and go back to settings, ringtones, it will still be there, your created sounds.

      1. “Reverse” was the key word. Makin’em, no probs. But running them in reverse would be the “creepy” part. You know, like, evil zombie stuff. Bring back the likes of all those old metal records with hidden messages….

  12. One of the very few wallpapers my DroidX can run without lag. I love these!

  13. Email the dev. He’s very responsive. I’m on gnexus and see no to very minimal lag. Make sure to reduce framerate below 20. When his planetscapes came out it was very laggy. I emailed him and he had it fixed in a day or two.

  14. @ fixmyhead, any ideas….

    1. galaxy s2 has a powerful gpu that can handle this

  15. Not sure what the appeal is here. Looks like 20 or 30 frames doing the same thing and repeating. At least the free version doesn’t respond to touch, doesn’t shift or move with page swipes nor does it change much, rather lame!

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