Feb 29th, 2012

There’s a new virus inside the Android Market but before you run off to alert Google Bouncer, this is a virus you’ll actually want on your device. Central Core Studios has recently become my go-to-developers for gorgeous looking live wallpapers on my Android device, and where last time, they showed us far off planets and sci-fi worlds — this time, they’re taking things a little closer to home (inside our own bodies, close) with RadiantWalls HD: Zombie Virus live wallpapers.

“Central Core Labs” has finally given us the opportunity to see through a microscope, and observe a zombie virus as it infects the human body. Brought to life the developers’ keen attention to detail, all 3 stages of the zombification process are present:

  • Stage 1: Mortuuscocci Iterumvita (B23-12) – Basic walkers are infected with a bacteria strain that modifies their cell structures and reanimates their dead bodies.
  • Stage 2: Milesmortussvirdae (M3-13) – A synthetic virus developed as an antidote to the B23-12 bacterial infection. It mutated as it fed on the undead bacteria further mutating the animated corpse allowing it run at high speeds.
  • Stage 3: Loquinervifectios (FC202) – Fully infected synapses. A fully formed zombie will display 100 percent infected nerve cells which still pulse in their infected state.

Each live wallpaper (paid version comes with all 3) can be fine tuned and tweaked to provide for optimal performance on your Android device. I can’t even begin to tell you how great these look on my Galaxy S II. Even with maxed out settings, everything is pumping along smooth and without a hitch. Only problem I’ve found is I’ve developed this strange rash since downloading, and have been dragging one of my legs when I walk. I’m sure it’s nothing.

I can’t wait to see the next project from Central Core Studios. According to their site, badass vehicles and cute cartoon gnomes are next. You can get infected with RadiantWalls HD – Zombie Virus right now in the Android Market.

[$1.50 Paid Version (All 3 Live Wallpapers) | Free Version (Single Live Wallpaper)]