US Department of Justice approves Google-Motorola Deal


Google’s on a roll this week, it seems. Just as the European Commission did earlier, The US Department of Justice has just approved the deal that would allow Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

With the last of their major hurdles out of the way and only a few minor ones to go, it would appear Google won’t have to wait long to get their hands on an OEM who probably exclusively holds the most lucrative patent portfolio in mobile.

Although all of these regulators are approving the deal, it’s not without caution. Most will continue to monitor the aftermath of the deal due to the aggressive patent war going on between all these OEMs and software vendors right now.

Google has already assured everyone that they will handle the portfolio fairly and carefully so as to not violate FRAND rules and spark antitrust worries. If Google stays true to their word, they should have no problem holding onto Motorola and its patent portfolio for a long, long time. [US DoJ via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Bring the pain!

  2. I’ll buy anything that’s anti-Apple.  I just bought some Oranges, in fact. ;)

    1. That actually made me LOL!!! GOOD ONE! ;)

  3. Droid Nexus!!!!

    1. Why would you want that? Droid is a Verizon name and we’ve already seen Verizon mess up the Galaxy Nexus. I’m excited about the possibility of awesome new Google/Moto handsets but not on Verizon.

      1. And how has Verizon messed up the Galaxy Nexus exactly?

        1. i think he is referring to the adding of a few bloatware files, and the attempted blocking of google wallet delaying the phone’s release for a month while google and verizon bickered about it.

        2. How have they not messed up the galaxy nexus is the real question? They completely destroyed everything that a nexus was. Its not a nexus thats on verizon its a mislabeled droid. Lets see exclusive in the US, CDMA in the US, CDMA support as a dev device is gone, LTE sucks the battery, Its thicker than the GSM version, There is bloatware, There is carrier branding, its expensive even off contract. Really do you have to as k? Its not what a Nexus was supposed to be.

          1. And the Nexus One and Nexus S weren’t expensive off contract? If memory serves me right they were both upwards of $500 off contract, I would hardly call that inexpensive.

            Now let’s compare, Nexus One was and Nexus S were T-Mobile exclusives at launch which later came out on other carriers as the Galaxy Nexus will do soon. CDMA support is not gone, and it is also no different than the support the Nexus S CDMA version has.

            Finally, battery life and thickness have what to do with the Nexus line exactly? Last I checked the Nexus One was not released to be the thinnest or longest running phone, hell, those 2 things weren’t even mentioned.

            I am sorry, you’re argument is dumb and incoherent and makes no sense.

          2. Nope! $500 off contract is average actually it was $530 most phones around that time frame were $550 at least for the same class of device.


            CDMA DEVELOPER support is gone for CDMA devices there was a report here on Phandroid about it. As in its no longer a developer device. The gsm one is though too bad noone can buy that in the states.

            Battery life was a correlation of LTE battery drain. 

            No nexus were not released to be those things but there is huge differences between the gsm vs cdma variants usually end up being thicker and locked to a carrier.

            The Nexus, till Sprint with their Nexus was unlocked for use on all carriers GSM in the states it never was exclusive to any one carrier. 

            Looks like you need to go back and research before you come back and reply otherwise you make yourself look uninformed.

              their original plan was to skip the carrier and let the consumer decide they went back on this in the states at least.

  4. Sweet! Now the wait begins for a MotoNexus!! That will be my next phone!!

    1. My thoughts exactly!

    2. am i the only one who thinks motorola phones look old and clunky?

      1. The Droid family from Verizon is the ugliest 

    3. Nah id rather HTC than Moto but Samsung is the top of the line so hopefully they stick with them

  5. Hello Googorola! Or is it Motoroogle?

    1. GoogleMoto mr roboto 

  6. I love this deal,go google you’re amazing…

  7. Verizon did screw the Galaxy Nexus Hard!

  8. I can’t wait till HTC makes a stock Vanilla Nexus again. Nexus One was the Sexiest phone in the world. Bring the multi color scroll ball back to Android! Games rocked with that thing!

    1. I agree, I absolutely loved the design of that phone model when it came out!!!

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