Motorola DROID RAZR “Developer Edition” Sparks Online Protest – Operation MOSH 2.0 In Full Effect


In a world where fragmented devices and patent lawsuits are a regular occurrence, the Android environment can be a harsh one. Today is no different. Disgruntled Motorola users have begun banding together, taking to online petitions to raise awareness of Motorola’s failed promises, in an effort to “Make Ourselves Heard,” better known as Operation: MOSH.

If the acronym sounds familiar, it’s because this was the same group who put pressure on Motorola to unlock their bootloaders last year and even though Motorola promised to comply — things didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Motorola’s initial announcement was that the bootloaders on all their devices would be unlocked by the end of 2011 and here we are, well into 2012 with no announcement and devices still locked down tight.

Motorola did, however, throw users a bone today when they announced a special “developer edition” of the Motorola Droid Razr would be released in the coming months complete with an unlocked bootloader. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What about all of those new Motorola customers who recently purchased Moto devices with hopes of unlocked bootloaders in their future?” Seems they’ve been left high and dry. And that’s where Operation MOSH comes in. Their demands are simple:

“To let Moto know that this ‘Developer Edition’ had better be available either as a trade for our devices, paying the difference, or not at all, since we all bought our devices in hopes that they would keep their word in the first place.”

Seems reasonable enough. So what can you do to help? Well, the first and most important step is signing the online petition. From there you can take it as far as you’d like emailing Motorola executives, filing FCC complaints or simply hounding Motorola on Facebook. All the details and links can be found on the respective thread on XDA. Link for the online petition can be found below.

[MOSH Online Petition | XDA]

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  1. If I am not mistaken, The target consumers of Motorola with their “Developer Edition ” are the Developers community right?

    How do they suppose to sell it then if those Developers are hyped and furious and more inclined to supporting the #OPMOSH2 movement rather than thinking of buying that new device?

    Begging everyone to please don’t create a community for this new handset..

    Seeing a post like “How to root RAZR Developer Edition” popping on any thread will surely makes we want to…

  2. This is why I jumped on the Samsung wagon …..nexus enough said

    1. The nexus is a great pocket tablet, but if its like any of their other phones then its horrible for use as a phone. I’ve had several samsung phones but never again, which is a shame because i love their other products (I just bought their 55” 8000 series 3d tv saturday and I love it)

      1. Works fine. Don’t judge one without trying it.There are a lot of rumors that are spread by people who don’t actually have one.

        1. The problem is that i’ll never get the chance to try one since i’ve given up on samsung phones after i’ve had so many with horrible reception. The few friends of  mine that have the nexus dont have signal in places where my bionic is just fine, so i’ll pass.

        2. I have one and it DOES have problems.  Need extra software to use speaker phone.  Compared to Moto Razr (I had that also) Samsung radios are horrible.  So, download speeds via LTE are only about 17mb down while Moto Razr consistently managed 25mb+.  I still enjoy ICS, but that’s all it really has over the Razr, and the the 720p screen.  Keep it Real.

          1. I had one too, compared it to my RAZR… and I agree with you.

            All the rumors arent rumors…

  3. i am surprised they are allowed to sell this in Europe. Normally they have such strong pro-consumer laws- I know in Australia it is illegal to sell something without a warranty…

    I would never buy something without a warranty- what about hardware issues not caused by unlocking and custom roms- eg. dead pixels, digitiser busted etc… 

    1. Unlock bootloader doesn’t automaticly = voided/no warranty. The Galaxy Nexus is one of several phones with an unlocked bootloader & it has a warranty.

      1. Motorola stated their developer device will come with no warranty whatsoever.

      2. No it doesn’t…it’s easily unlockable, but there’s still a locked bootloader on it. If we go literally on the wording, there’s no lock on the bootloader of this edition whatsoever.

  4. As sad as selling the Razr Maxx after everyone bought the regular Maxx.  I’m sure this will all change when the Google buyout is official.

  5. My Galaxy Nexus is looking better every day ;)

  6. 1) fastboot oem unlock
    2) ???
    3) Profit!
    4) ???
    5) fastboot oem lock

    1. Step 2 should say

      “(bootloader) fastboot oem unlock disabled!
      FAILED (remote: )
      finished. total time: 0.000s”

      And steps 3 through 5 should be uncontrollable sobbing.

  7. Yeah – after eating the excrement sandwich on the Xoom 4G LTE upgrade, I could have warned anyone thinking of buying the RAZR with the hopes that the bootloader would be unlocked after the fact – that MOTOROLA LIES.

    Google can’t purge with fire quick enough.

    1. Yea I don’t quite understand the outrage on that one. You still got the upgrade eventually, so who cares when you got it? I mean its not like you paid for the upgrade.

      1. yeah but you were with out a tablet for several weeks

  8. Yes I predicted this would be a problem…this is the reason why i switch from the razr to the nexus…granted the razr was not a bad phone just the possiblites were limited..if i wanted limited possiblity i would have got a IPHONE…without being jailbroken..

  9. Thankfully there are other options out there besides Motorola. I was so glad to ditch my Droid 2 for the HTC Rezound. I couldn’t pass up the deal on it, otherwise I would have went with the GNex. HTC comes with a locked bootloader, but via their website and a couple commands, you can unlock it. Then you can root it, then you can throw ICS on it. If you bought a RAZR thinking Motorola was going to unlock the boot loader for you, what were you thinking? Inside sources say if Motorola does unlock boot loaders, it will be for older phones anyways, at least for the time being. But seeing as it is no longer 2011, I wouldn’t hold your breath. There are plenty of developer friendly phones out there.

  10. I like how it is RAZR this and RAZR that,  but no love for the Bionic?  It is like the Bionic has dropped off the face of the earth.  I do recall hearing about Moto’s promise about the unlocked Boot Loader for the Bionic as well.

    1. The actual thread isn’t RAZR-centric outside of being in the RAZR section of XDA. It’s just the tone that the articles have taken.

  11. This is yet another reason why, Motorola’s last good phone was the original Droid. Everything after has been crap.

  12. Isn’t that Motorola’s motto to leave customer’s high and dry, should’ve bought HTC, LG, or Samsung for that matter but please not an iPhone.

  13. Thanks Moto for making super sweet device that advance what is possible in mobile tech, too bad you won’t have me as a customer so long as you stick to lousy locked bootloader. Don’t talk the talk, unless you’re going to walk the walk!

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