HTC Reveals Android 4.0 Rollout For Sensation XE To Begin “Early This Year”

We learned back in November that HTC was planning to deliver Ice Cream Sandwich to their dual-core lineup sometime in 2012 only problem was — when exactly? 1st quarter? Q2? Heaven forbid towards the end of the year… Well, today we finally have a better idea of when HTC plans to update some of these confirmed devices, starting with the HTC Sensation XE.

In a reply to a user on Twitter asking when his newly purchased Sensation XE would be receiving the Android 4.0 update, HTC’s official Twitter account replied that the device would be receiving ICS “early this year.” Okay — so it’s not much but we’ll take anything at this point. After seeing what HTC plans to do with Android 4.0 melding it into their Sense UI, I know it’s not the popular opinion round here, but I, for one, am pretty excited to see what HTC comes up with.

[Twitter | Via AndroidCommunity]

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  • B3astofthe3ast

    There have been FOUR ICS leaks for the sensation already.  I’m running stock sensefied ICS right now (I needed GPS, will revert back to AOSP soon), and I must say, its very smooth, and everything works.  Barely any bugs, I’d say a release is happening soon. 

  • BigCiX

    wow….my poor lg thrill still has froyo on it.  Why do i always pick the wrong freaking phones (iphone 3G —-> Samsung Captivate —->LG Thrill)

    • Chris Chavez

      Break the cycle. Get the Nexus O_o

      • Covert_Death

        chris i saw  you tweetin about not having the latest version and android and all, once you get rooted, load up evervolv, you will NOT regret it, i swear on my phandroid account you will be satisfied! such a solid ROM for being alpha

        PS i couldn’t agree more, i’m waiting for the galaxy nexus on sprint, i don’t care if its 6 months old when i get it, the extra year of support will more then make up for it! i love my evo but it aged too quick, after it’s first birthday it was already limping a tad.

    • Christian Oswin Pond

      Becuase your not buying HTC ;)

  • tellmeyoureok

    right now, after the latest update, my sensation has been working amazingly! all problems have been fixed. don’t fuck it up… date.

  • Ouroboross

    What about the first iteration of Sensation? Left in the cold?

  • aeok18109

    Im rolling a Tmo Sensation 4G. Plop this rom on here and this 1.7ghz kernel

    by far the fastest and most accurate phone ive ever owned. Battery life is BOSS. I spent the better part of the day walking around the 2012 Washington Auto Show shooting high def video and still managed to GPS my way home (NE Pennsylvania) all on the same battery.And this is all on LEAKED stuff. Cant wait for an official base to drop.  Also FYI for the most part you can flash Sensation XE stuff on the regular sensation. ITS THE SAME DAMN PHONE. minus the battery, the beats audio software and the limiter removal on the CPU frequency. all of these things can be easily done on the OG Sensation. 

  • Marcos Morales

    Wonder when the Rezound will get it… Oh yeah, “early this year”  -_-

  • DYNK

    does anyone actually own one of these or the OG Sensation? All the users i know have sold it off…