Google TV Update Rolling Out Now For Sony Blu-Ray Players


The official Google TV Twitter account tweeted just moments ago that a software update for Sony Blu-ray players has begun rolling out. The 260MB update will bring about the ability for the players to now playback Blu-rays in the 3rd dimension and much needed speed enhancements to the Chrome browser. Lord knows, my Revue browser could perform a hell-of-a-lot quicker. If you haven’t received the update just yet, you can pull it manually by jumping into your System Settings > About > System Updates.

Leave a comment if you notice your browser performing snappier.

[Twitter | Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Good luck with the Revue seeing an update!

      1.  honestly guys, we just need logitech to fully open source the revue, and get some of the guys from XDA updating it :)

  2. ya i didnt get the update yet…just checked for it.

  3. Is this all Sony bluray players or only certain ones.

    1. There is only 1 Sony blu-ray player with Google TV, NSZ-GT1

  4. Just got the update but now its saying my LG 3Dtv doesn’t support 3D when it oviously does. Tried different high speed hdmi cables with no luck either, I hope sony fixes this

  5. I am Very Happy Today…

    I just receive today the Latest Firmware with the 3D Blu-Ray Support and other fixes, for my SONY NSZ-GT1…

    I am very HAPPY with SONY because we have received several fixes after the Honeycomb 3.1, Not like with the Logitech Revue that we are still waiting and waiting forever and ever…

    1000 Thanks Sony for being such an Responsible and Excelent Company!!!!!!!

    Ulises Rodriguez, Ph.D.

  6. Only sony? that’s too bad…
    I’m not buying anything sony.

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