Japanese Carrier KDDI Wants To Kiss And Make Up – Removes Notification Ads From Devices


Japanese carrier, KDDI, came under fire a few days ago when it was discovered that Japan’s second largest network was pushing ads to customers’ notification bars, a practice similar to an ad system called Airpush. Well, after the severe backlash from users, KDDI has finally decided to stop pushing these ads to their customers’ devices, which KDDI further explained, was only used to give users information on internal services, not outside advertising. KDDI admits that it probably wasn’t the best way of communicating with their customers and promises to think harder before invading a user’s device. What ever happened to a good old fashioned text message?

When it comes to push ads, I’ve always felt that it’s pretty much the equivalent of a door-to-door salesman walking into your home, while you’re on the toilet and attempts to sell you something. Stay out of my home(screen), carriers — ya hear?

[KetaiWatch | Via TheVerge]

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I would boycott any carrier or handset manufacturer that tried pull this crap.

  2. I can understand the uproar.  I had airpush start shoving ads on my notification bar.  Couldn’t remove that fast enough.  Carriers and advertisers have no business putting irrelevant garbage, or anything else, on my notification bar.

  3. i’d definitely shove that girl on the thumbnail though

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