Deal Alert: Screencast Video Recorder On Sale For 99 Cents – Limited Time Only


Screencast Video Recorder, is celebrating 100,000 downloads and show his gratitude, the developer has discounted the normally $4 app down to very reasonable $1. Giving users the ability to not only take screenshots of their device but record actual MPEG4 video of whatever is being displayed on the screen, Screencast has long been one of my personal favorite applications in Android Market.

I should mention that the app does require root permissions but even if you’re just planning on rooting your device someday (or even your future device), you might want to jump on this deal while you still can. Plan ahead and save it for later.

[Market Link]

Via Android Police

Chris Chavez
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  1. No thanks. Not interested

    1. all ICS phones already allow screenshots (plenty have ICS roms in the works), and plenty of apps already allow video streaming.

      Thus the total worth of this app is zero.

      1. he is not, in any way, talking about video streaming.
        he is talking about taking a video of your screen as you are working on it, for demo purposes. a recording of your phone’s physical actions. 
        i have had 3 rooted phones and used dozens of roms. none have this function.

      2. This app allows recording your onscreen actions, not video streaming.  Which is good for people that review phones/apps, make demonstration and/or gameplay videos.

        Considering how your comment was off-base I judge its worth to be…

        1. uh, this has been around since 2010.

          not only can you view the screen and record, but control your phone in a useful way for debugging. 

          1. no. this is different

      3. Explain to me how you got “video streaming” from “video recorder”? Someone needs to brush up on their reading and comprehension skills…

  2. A shame. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. Whatevs.

  3. GB allows screen shots too, back arrow + home key

    1. But what about screen cap video recording? ;D

  4. Had to think about this for a sec and then had an “a ha!” moment. Now I can finally help my non-tech savvy family members troubleshoot their phones. My parents are thousands of miles away and when an issue arises, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to understand what I want them to do on their phone. Hope this helps me slow down the influx of gray hairs.

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