Samsung Demoes Ultra-Wide Band Wireless USB Technology [CES 2012]


We had a chance to hang out with Samsung at CES and they were on hand to show off some of the wares that you don’t see in the news everyday. One of those things is Ultra-Wide Band Wireless USB. While this technology is definitely not exclusive to Samsung they are one of the few firms coming close to putting these technologies into working, practical solutions.

They showed us wireless mirroring from the Samsung Galaxy Tab to a capable television unit. It’s just as if you were plugging your phone up using some sort of video-out cable (such as a microHDMI cable). We were showed a jet racing game being played on the tablet and mirrored to the television. Latency is said to be less than 14 milliseconds and the slight lag was noticeable. It still looked great, though.

We imagine this will be great for easily watching high definition videos on your television without having to deal with the clutter and inconvenience of cables. Admittedly, Samsung’s setup was a bit impractical as they used an external device to feed video to the television but they do have plans to shrink the technology down into a size that fits on a mobile motherboard. Grab a look at the quick gaming demo in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Man this is what I’ve been waiting for.  Might be skipping the GS3 entirely to wait for this tech because direct wireless screen share beats anything out right now that puts images on your TV.

    More reason to love Samsung.

    1.  You probably will have to buy the TV/Monitor that has this technology built in so that it works with that phone, so total cost will probably be phone + the TV/Monitor = Lots o’ money

      1. delete.

      2. Man I’m sorry was confusing your reply with one about on a post about something else my bad!.

        You’re right just like having to buy an MHL TV to avoid the extra adapter you will have to buy another new TV to do this streaming.  UNLESS there is a dongle you can buy and use it with any HDMI device like they are currently doing.  I would still love that.

  2. I would have to think this tech is a couple years out from being functional. 

  3. Heh. 14ms is less than the latency on some DLP TV’s. The built-in frame buffer on my parents’ TV stores a few frames, at 33ms worth for each frame. I took my PS3 over to their place to play some Hot Shots golf with my dad, and it was practically unplayable at first; but you get used to it.

    I have no idea where I’m going with that. :D  Just that 14ms isn’t all that bad, once you get the hang of it.

  4. no “e” in the plural :-)

    1. Good one! That’s funny! :D

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