A Look at ViewSonic’s Android Lineup at CES 2012 [VIDEO]


ViewSonic has a number of currently available and upcoming tablets on display at this year’s CES, the toast of which is the Android 4.0 ViewSonic 7e, a 7-inch slate priced at a mere $170. You can imagine that for the price you won’t get the most top of the line specs, but you do get the full Ice Cream Sandwich experience. Other devices included the currently available ViewSonic 7x, a more full-featured Honeycomb tablet running a Tegra 2 processor. All devices featured at least a front-facing camera for video conferencing (a rear camera is found on a large portion of the lineup) and plenty of ports for connectivity, including HDMI. Check out the video for a quick rundown of each.

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  1. Gtab 4 life!

  2. Gtab 4 life!

  3. Google really needs to allow android market on these devices otherwise Amazon’s market will become so big that Google will lose all control of android…

  4. After seeing what little support there was for the gTablet, I’d be hesitant to buy another Android device from them.

  5. Google really needs to allow android market on these devices

  6. I’ll go for TF201 for sure :)

  7. This has been a rather boring CES 2012 so far, guess the good stuff won’t come until MWC

    1. Agreed!! Especially all these awesome Gingerbread devices.

  8. With their track record on the g tablet, they actually think people would ever buy their product? Ok, maybe a few idiots would. There is no need to answer my rhetoric question.

  9. Sorry Viewsonic, you burned your bridge with me after seeing the appalling attitude you gave your customers over the GTablet….

  10. A simple flash of a custom ROM like Cyanogen and the Gtab became a fantastic device for little $. Android is open so use creative solutions like this and have some fun with it. 

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