Google Creates Android 4.0 Design Standards for Developers

In an attempt to get Android developers to adapt to the new design philosophies and styles of Android 4.0 Google has published a set of standards to follow when creating your Android applications. The idea is to design all applications to work seamlessly and look like they belong in the Android 4.0 environment.

It’s not a bad idea from Google, especially considering a vast majority of applications in the Android market are still stuck in their pre-Ice Cream Sandwich ways. We didn’t expect the transformation to take place overnight, of course, but We’ll be nearing two months since the Galaxy Nexus’s first launch and considering that the SDK was available earlier than that we’d hoped to see more Android 4.0-friendly apps by now. Fingers crossed that this standard will help usher in the new era of Android applications without much more delay. [Android Developers via Engadget]

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  • caridadk

    sweet! love the way google is going with UI.

  • Kevin Krause

    first google should get their own apps up to standard. why no swipe between text message threads like you can swipe through emails in the gmail app?

    • Johan Winther

      Because the text messaging app on phones isn’t provided by Google?

  • jshaffer21

    Finnaly,google taking control of their product

    • Guest

      Sadly its not quite taking control… its more of a suggestion that will go unheard.

      • ratnok

        Unfortunately, I agree.

  • dangcucu


  • Justin King

    I bet this announcement will get adopted as successfully as the update alliance did!

    (Extreme sarcasm)

  • Justin King

    ironically one of the biggest offenders is google plus… seriously google needs some quality control bad.

  • Craig Hawkins

    Hopefully this will keep that stupid settings button from moving between top and bottom in different apps.

  • zin11

    setting on top is soooo annoying. especially on browser.

  • Nee Austin

    You can watch Matius’ interview about this document at The Verge.   It’s interesting viewing from the designer’s perspective.

    (and google+ does conform on ICS best as I can tell.)