Jan 12th, 2012

If you didn’t believe 4G LTE was a big deal for US carriers than you are clearly mistaken. Verizon was the first network in America to bring in the LTE network that will dominate most of North America and maybe even the world for 4G technology. They’re keeping the train rolling by promising that almost all phones and tablets going forward will be 4G LTE enabled.

The exception to the rule are PTT devices but those are so few and far between that you may as well just say “all devices” will have 4G radios. It already seems like we’re in that direction as Verizon has released a very small amount of 3G-only devices in the past six months compared to 4G LTE devices.

Verizon also announced that they’ll be supporting global GSM networks on their 4G devices going forward with the first pair of devices to be the LG Spectrum and the Motorola DROID 4.

We won’t see this until about the midway point of the year but it sure is comforting to know that Verizon users will no longer have to seek GSM phones every time they leave the country. Of course, we wish this were backwards compatible (Verizon didn’t say anything about this either way) but it’s nice to see it anyway. [PhoneScoop, CNET]

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