Two New Android 4.0 Builds Leak for the Galaxy S II


Samsung hopes to have their Galaxy S II updated to Android 4.0 sometime early in the new year, and two freshly leaked builds are a good sign that work is progressing. We first saw Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz back in December, and it isn’t clear exactly what has changed since that first leak. It is said that of the KP4 and KP8 builds that have surfaced the latter is the more refined, which makes sense considering its designation suggests it should be a bit newer. Still, these builds are a work in progress so there is no telling what sort of bugs lurk beneath their surfaces. To see several versions in such a short time period is promising, however.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Looks sweet !! Wondering if 4.0 will be supported on the wildfire ?

    1. The Wildfire S is too weak for ICS.
      Not going to happen

  2. Come on Samsung i am still waiting on gingerbread for the infuse

    1. Blame AT&T
      Europe got gingerbread on the initial release.

    2. Root the phone then, problem solved.

      1. Go to his house and do it for him.  Problem solved.

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this for a specific version of the GS2?? or can any GS2 flash these builds?? More specifically can I use this on my T-mobile Galaxy S 2

    **Edit** Seems like this is for International GS2 only. My bad.

    1. Yea the Euro Gs2 only, but when the source is released we will get roms. Probably long before the carrier puts them out.

  4. T989 upgrade, please.  Thanks.

  5. i cant wait to put ics on my motorola v120

  6. Should show quicker for i777 as cm9 now.  Sweet!

  7. Wondering when Sprint will update the GSII Epic 4G Touch?  Here’s hoping the official update will come sometime before 2013. 

    1. Heres hoping a rom comes out soon. The sprint model is one of the easiest ones to root. I have rooted several phones and never bricked one yet. The Epic 4g Touch is almost brick proof. Sure if you dont back up you will loose all your app data like game saves, but its very hack friendly. I have had to root and un root and root and un root several times and just in case I have a USB jig that resets the firmware counter in the event I need a warranty reparir.

      If you need help rooting I will help you. Then you can overclock your Gs2 to 1.6 when the screens on and 200mhz when the screen is off. Its cool man and very easy. My highest antutu was 7200 and quadrant is 4500.

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