EFF Reverse-engineers Carrier IQ, Requests Help in Deciphering Data


The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in a continued bid to fight against injustices related to emerging technologies, has cracked open the Carrier IQ software package. Since first contacted by Trevor Eckhart after being issued a cease and desist order from Carrier IQ, the EFF has been working hard to find answers to some of the most pressing question surrounding the data tracking suite. With the help of a few volunteers Carrier IQ has been parsed into its three layers — an app, a database, and a configuration file — and produced an app to uncover exactly what information your handset is collecting. Using the app, IQIQ, the EFF hopes to garner enough user data to blow the thing completely open. The organization points to a thread at XDA that provides useful info on uncovering the Carrier IQ data on from your system. If you have a few minutes to spare or have already done your own checks into Carrier IQ on your smartphone, head on over to the source link below to find out how to help.

[EFF via Engadget]

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  1. First, I’m gonna need my Paycheck.

  2. The EFF is grasping at straws because they know Trevor is going to get
    hit with hundreds of liable suits. Think about all those folks who tried to flash their phones and messed up. they wound up with a big paper weight.
    They have nothing and they know it. Developers with expertise in security  have already said he was wrong and  yet he remains silent letting things get worse.

    Pathetic if you ask me!

    So far my understanding is there is open dialog between Carrier IQ and
    the FCC and FTC. There is an inquiry and no one is being arrested and no
    agents showing up on their door step. There is no investigation and any
    dialog is open and transparent. This will all go away I am sure.

    I believe Trevor had his detection tool removed from the android market
    place. I don’t know if it was put back. There have been other reports to
    that other developers are saying the the bloggers initial inspection of
    what the software does is in fact wrong. This was in follow up from Dan Rosenberg’s analysis.

    I truly believe the software is simply diagnostics. I know lots of
    screaming and yelling and freaking out over a video, which if you are
    technically inclined is “fake” for all intense and purposes. Just look
    at what others have reported after reverse engineering the product and
    also watching how the software processes and reads information. The
    “security researcher” if you want to call him that works for a company
    called Telogis. I hear they are trying to get up to the race with
    Carrier IQ. What better way than to get the leader shut down and you
    quietly slip into the vacuum that is left behind. If you don’t believe
    me check out the bloggers linked in profile.

    I think he was asked to do this as corporate espionage, and then they will control it all. Al bet a little differently.

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