New Droid 4 Renders Give an All-angles View


With nearly every detail revealed we will likely run out of speculation long before its February release, but here is one more look at the Motorola Droid 4 from nearly any angle you could want. Will that QWERTY keyboard be worth the wait until February in light of Verizon’s current lineup of great 4G LTE Android handsets? Maybe…if they manage to ship it with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Pointless like 90% of Motos and Verizon’s phones.

  2. Dear Moto,

    Do you want to relive the glory of OG Droid? Get pure Android, removable battery, and unlocked bootloader.

    1. I like some of the Moto apps. I just want a choice. 

  3. I second that!

  4. I am quite impressed with Motorola products quite simply because they dont fool around with sub-par software like carrierIQ and security breaches left and right like the other companies. Solid build quality i guess shouldnt be mentioned and did i forget to mention that Google is Buying Motorola Mobility? if the other companies had ANYTHING worthy enough, would it sway google’s purchasing decision? yeah, i suppose that’s pretty pointless… hahahahaha

    1. Just to be clear, while I’ve always liked the quality of especially the high tier Motorola phones, phones had nothing to do with Google’s decision.  Google doesn’t care a bit about Moto’s phones.  Moto invented the cell phone.  Moto has an ungodly number of basic patents regarding cell technology.  Google wanted that patent portfolio, nothing more, as a shield against patent infringement suits targeting them.

    2. Google contracted out the building of their flagship devices to other companies (Samsung, HTC) … I doubt the business purpose for the purchase MM was because of their quality products. I’m sure their is something else up their sleeves. IMO 

    3. Google decided to buy Moto Mobility because it was 1) for sale, unlike HTC, Samsung & other major handset manufacturers & 2) they got a hell of a discount. Motorola had been trying to unload mobility division for some time. I don’t think it was that they were choosing between A&B, it was more “we can buy A for this….Really?? OK”

      Not complaining, I love my moto products lately. OG Droid, D2G & now my RAZR. I’m itching to get my keyboard back, though, so I’m all over this as soon as it is released.

  5. Why is there a “Caps Lock” key and a “Shift” key? Shouldn’t hitting the shift key twice give the same effect?

    I noticed the keyboard lacks the search key and a menu key. Moving my thumb to hit the menu and search touch buttons next to the screen is going to be awkward. Makes this phone terribly bad for keyboard shortcuts.

    Also, those aren’t renders. They’re the textures that will be used in renders

  6. Moto – bringing back the Sidekick style, one droid at a time. 

  7. I’m so sick of Motoblur. If this came out with AOSP ICS, I’d jump all over it.

  8. Nice looking keyboard, 5 rows is the ticket.  My question is what does it look like when the keyboard is open, I don’t think having the keyboard showing open along the backside of the phone is accurate.  Someone get their Photoshop slides mixed up?

  9. I’ll believe it when I see it .

  10. I have issues with Moto that have nothing to do with QWERTY (or Blur). My Droid X (and the X of a good pal) crashes randomly while playing media. No fix available. And the build quality of their headphone jacks are absurd… mine has gradually degraded and it’s a common problem.

    I’ve really enjoyed the general build quality of my X other than these issues and had been eyeballing the new Droid Razr, but a quick web search confirmed that, yes indeed, even the Droid Razr is experiencing complaints about loose and non-functioning headphone jacks. Bluetooth headphones are ok, but I’ll probably jump ship to the GNex when my contract renews in a few weeks… no new Motos for me. :^(

  11. In before Droid 5 announcement.

  12. Can someone please explain to me why we need 4 of these phones???? Only the first one was any good… the 2, 3, and 4 have and will continue to suck. you’re a sheep if you buy these and imo any moto device.

  13. What Motorola has going for them is really solid build quality.  What they aren’t so good with is the locked bootloader and the fact that they release a new phone every 2 months.

  14. looks just like the razr

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