HTC Thunderbolt OTA Update Coming Soon – Includes Bug Fixes and New Radio Version

Verizon is getting ready to push out a new OTA (over-the-air) update for the first 4G LTE device to hit the carrier — the HTC Thunderbolt. This will bring the T-Bolt up to software version 2.11.605.9, which contains the usual bug fixes and even a new baseband version. Improved radios are always fun. Other notable changes of the 36MB update include:

  • Resolved issue with contact ringtones
  • Improvements to notification volume
  • Updated local streaming playback mechanism when network connection is not available
  • Updated Twitter API for Peep/FriendStream
  • Clock app included in All App list
  • Improvements in Exchange ActiveSync

No word yet on exactly when Verizon plans to push the update to devices but it wont hurt to manually check for it yourself by jumping into your Settings > Software Update > Check Now. Let us know if anyone receives it!

[Via AndroidPolice]

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  • Fred Del Toro


  • Taokip

    Only update here is that I’m jealous of all these Nexus owners.  Not too happy with my TBolt…

  • PetiePal

    I use the Tbolt for my work phone, picked up my Nexus for personal today, after using the Bionic for two months. yay!

  • Matt

    No luck on the update.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    I WILL have a Nexus next Month…just 7 more weeks…

  • Ryan

    No update here. Anyone having trouble with intermittent data? I’m stock, in indiana.

  • Matt Jones

    I don’t know which part of Indiana your in but I have noticed crazy 1x, 3g, and 4g, in the Harrison Ohio area

  • MooseCat

    Running CM7 I don’t really care about the updates but I’ll take a new radio.

  • MidwestTech

    I’m still waiting for Google Talk’s video chat to work…

    • y0_momma

      works on CM7…just sayin

  • Chase Purser

    Running stock on mine too.  I have had a ton of problems since the last update.  I get HTC sense force close 5-8 times a day.  Random lock ups taht require battery pull 2-3 times a day and yesterday I got a txt and the keyboard would not type when trying to reply.  I also could not compose an email beause i could not type.  I tried to call the person and could not call.  I decided to wait and go to vxw store – half way there I felt my phone vibrate, looked and it was calling the person I tried to call 10 minutes earlier.

    • y0_momma

      Root it and slap an AOSP based ROM on it and those Sense problems magically disappear!

      • Chase Purser

        I got the upgrade in the article and have not had any problems.  ROOT is next step.  Or I might just wait for the Droid Razor Max

  • Lally

    I received it earlier today

  • Ryan

    Just got the update

  • McLabia

    New radio has been posted on come drop by!