Dec 15th, 2011

Gameloft uploaded a trailer for the newest in a series of their “Diablo-style” action RPG’s, Dungeon Hunter 3. Overall, the game seems to offer everything you’d expect from a sequel — more. Higher quality visuals and special effects, new classes, armor, weapons and it’s all free… well, sort of.

Dungeon Hunter 3 makes the transition to the new “freemium” business model a lot of game developers are adopting. This will no doubt be a make-or-break for most. Personally, I’ve never found a problem with paying $3-5 for a quality game on my smartphone but when it comes to new Android users joining our ranks every day, apparently they feel entitled to free games and applications. But I digress…

The Android version of Dungeon Hunter 3 will be released in January with multiplayer support promised sometime in early 2012. Any die-hard Dungeon Hunter fans out there looking forward to this one?

[Via DroidGamers]