Gameloft Shows Off New Trailer For Dungeon Hunter 3 – Multiplayer Coming Soon After Release [Video]


Gameloft uploaded a trailer for the newest in a series of their “Diablo-style” action RPG’s, Dungeon Hunter 3. Overall, the game seems to offer everything you’d expect from a sequel — more. Higher quality visuals and special effects, new classes, armor, weapons and it’s all free… well, sort of.

Dungeon Hunter 3 makes the transition to the new “freemium” business model a lot of game developers are adopting. This will no doubt be a make-or-break for most. Personally, I’ve never found a problem with paying $3-5 for a quality game on my smartphone but when it comes to new Android users joining our ranks every day, apparently they feel entitled to free games and applications. But I digress…

The Android version of Dungeon Hunter 3 will be released in January with multiplayer support promised sometime in early 2012. Any die-hard Dungeon Hunter fans out there looking forward to this one?

[Via DroidGamers]

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  1. Dungeon Hunter 2 is probably one of my all time favorite Android games. I will definitely be looking forward to this, but am not very excited for in app purchases. Freemium games are terrible, I would much rather just spend $6 and have the full game.

  2. if GN play fine with it, i will give it a try. 

  3. I bought dungeon hunter I and II. I have to say that I really liked them – it was quite obvious that a lot of work went into those games. I’ll be getting this one as well.

  4. 32GB HTC EVO view only $229.99 brand new on daily steals

    1. Oh snap! Thanks. Just got the post up and gave you thanks :)

  5. Yay I have to spend $100 in order to get the best weapon and maybe
    decent armor.I hate freemium games, they always cost an arm and a leg.
    They also take away game replay value by allowing those with money to
    blow get the best gear without having to quest for it like a real game.
    When this goes mmo and u have to fight another player those without deep
    pockets will get sick of the game quickly.

    I have yet to see a freemium model that costs less then a console
    quality game for decent gear and on top of that the gameplay and quality
    is nowhere near pc and consoles and handhelds like the psp or ds.

    1. I agree, when you essentially HAVE to buy with real money or the game stops being fun. I hate it when necessary items cost unreasonable amounts of in-game money, let alone a currency (gems or rainbow turds or whatever) that you can only get by paying; or when it says, “Stop playing for a week or pay up now.” I’m aware that it makes money, but it just feels slimy.

      But your argument about replay value is like saying cheat codes ruin games—it’s up to the player whether he wants to spoil his own fun by cheating. That, in my opinion, is the right way to go about freemium: Make the game FUN (i.e. a game) without ever having to spend a penny, but let the impatient or lazy buy cheat codes, and let fans support the game IF THEY WANT.

      I have DH3 on my iPad, but don’t yet know which side it falls on.

  6. Urgh hate freemium games….

    1. Micro Pay games aren’t bad as long as they don’t throw advertisements all over the place. If you need to have adds, make them Product Placements!!

  7. HEY GAMELOFT how bout making Order and Chaos cross platform?

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