All New Zenonia 4 Images Revealed – Bright, Beautiful, Hand-Drawn HD Graphics [Drool]


I’m sure most of you hardcore Android gamers have already beaten Zenonia 3 and are patiently waiting for the sequel from Gamevil. If your unfamiliar with the series, Zenonia is a top-down, hack ‘n slash RPG (think Zelda on steroids) and has already come in 3 iterations currently available in the Android Market. So what does Gamevil have in store for Zenonia 4? Well, I’m glad you asked. IGN has just gotten a hold of these new images of the game and holy-sweet-mother-Theresa. It looks good.

Gamevil has taken the game out of the world of 16-bits and into a whole new dimension of… shoot, I don’t know — 128-bits. It just looks amazing! You’d be hard pressed to find a single jagged edge or noticeable pixel with smooth, HD visuals now at the forefront. Still no details on exactly when we can look forward to Zenonia 4 coming to Android (these images were yanked from the iOS version) but just like all the others, you can rest assured that it will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later. What do you guys think? Prefer the nostalgic old 16-bit look or are the new HD visuals more pleasing?

[Via IGN]

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  1. They must live in a world where nobody attacks your belly.

    1. Now the fantasy girls wont feel left out xD

  2. Definitely the new graphics!

  3. Love the Zenonia series.  :)
    Cant wait

  4. well compared to the other Zenonia games it looks beautiful. :P

  5. I’m totally into the new high-definition graphics. Can’t wait to play this game.

  6. Already played in Korean version. I find Zenonia 4 a little disappointing despite its fabulous graphics and gameplay because you really need to use the social elements (asking help to restore weapons, getting items from others) and Gamevil practically forces you to buy their game money if you want the game playing experience smooth. Or else, expect tons of grinding. This is a major complaint in the Korean gaming forum about this game. It’s a shame that aftering making you purchase a game, you have to pay more to experience a smooth gaming experience.

  7. This better come out on my ipad  as well lol

  8. Zenonia is awesome.
    But Please PLEASE Gamevil don’t go down the freemium route. A lot more people will buy this game!

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