LetsTalk Offering Verizon Galaxy Nexus To New Customers For Only $155 ($175 For Upgraders)


If you’re contract is up on your current wireless provider and tomorrow’s launch of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless has caught your eye, I thought I’d let you guys know that wireless retailer Let’s Talk will be offering the device — starting tonight at midnight — for the extremely discounted price of only $155 (for new customers). If you’re already on Verizon and looking to upgrade, don’t fret. You guys can still get the Nexus phone for a slightly higher (but still very reasonable) $175. In both cases, you will have to use coupon code “$75VZN” to drop the price from $225 with, of course, new contracts getting a bigger discount. The fun kicks off at exactly 12:01 PT/3:01 ET so don’t be late if you want to take advantage of this great deal!

Update: Droid-Life was able to get in contact with LetsTalk and confirms that you wont lose your unlimited data plan, for those of you that still have it. Just make sure to choose the “keep-unlimited” option once the phone goes live on their site at midnight.

[Facebook | LetsTalk]

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  1. I wonder if I could get Verizon to match this deal (I’m due for an upgrade and don’t really have 300 bucks to drop on a phone) 

    1. highly doubtful.  they dont even price match b&m stores across the street let alone online.

    2. i doubt it, letstalk is working some backend magic here w/ VZW, they selling the phone skinny for some kind of escalation on the contract (end user probably doesn’t get effected)

    3. call verizon and tell them to note your account with coupon code “CH4GE” which gives you an addition $100 off if go from any 3g phone to any 4g phone.  i had to call customer service 4 times before i got a agent who did it.

      1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

      2. I’ve tried this twice now. The second call lasted almost 30 minutes while the Verizon rep searched everywhere (even online forums) for any clue on how to make it work. He couldn’t. But he did give me $20 off next months bill just to help out. That was very nice of him.

    4. I called verizon customer service and spoke with a really nice lady who was trying to get me the $100 promo but her manager turned me down, she also tried to match the letstalk $75 off and couldn’t do that either, ordered from letstalk for $194 total out the door.  Verizon just lot out on the deal.  I also did this upgrade on my second line so come July 2012 I will be eligible for my NE2 loyalty credit and will get whatever phone is better at that time. Although I think I will be happy with my Nexus for a while. I will report back on my Letstalk experience once it gets approved, I’ll bet they are slammed right now.

  2. If the phone is selling for $299 and you are getting $75 off as an upgrader wouldn’t the phone cost $225 not $175?

    1. apparently, according to the DL boys, LetsTalk is debuting it at $225 with a $75 discount for new customers so $150.  If that’s the case, I am 100% in on this and ditching T-Mo

      1. Good lookin’ out. Updated my post =)

    2. I just bought the phone as an upgrade for a line on my family plan and got it for $194 total.

  3. Not on their site any more

    1. starts at 1am

  4. mathhhhh harrrrrrrrrrrd

  5. I guess if you don’t have unlimited data it doesn’t matter but if you do and you use these guys or wirefly of most other dealers your unlimited data won’t get grandfathered and you’ll lose it.

    1. if you add it yo your cart, click ‘my cart’ and say keep my current plan it should let you keep unlimited

      1. I just went to try this and there is no option to keep your current plan.  I think this must be the catch…

        1. I found the option just fine… Got my Gnex for $175 and kept my unlimited data. Almost feels too good to be true:)

          1. were you upgrading a family plan?

  6. I used to LOVE, but unfortunately, they nolonger offer upgrades or contracting for AT&T. Only full unsubbed retail pricing. :(
    Thanks alot AT&T. XD

  7. Question.   I qualify for an early upgrade but my time to receive a loyalty discount through verizon is 01-04-2012 which is a few more weeks.  I try the LETSTALK website method to check if i qualify for an upgrade and it says no, and gives me the date of 01-04-2012 do they not honor the early upgrades from verizon or is that only like a in store deal ? can anyone answer me i do not want to stay up late knowing it wont work. Thanks

    1. Nope. Only VZW will do their early upgrade. Not Amazon, BestBuy…

  8. Many times a carrier can potentially doom a great phone, an open source developers phone on money hungry carrier, their extra ghost fees on their bills are ridiculous, now the nexus on vzw, reminds me the iphone on at&t, that plus their elitistic customer service is a joke i rather pay for an unlocked full price nexus than going back to vzw’s monopoly

    1. And what monopoly is that? 

  9. Well, I don’t see it

  10. Any chance of convincing Verizon to give us unlimited data if we come over from Sprint?…I just can’t make the switch and give up unlimited data no matter how much I want an ice cream sandwich :'(

    1. Unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to put on the schmooze and go talk to a Verizon rep, they might be able to do it if they’re desperate enough for a new customer. Not sure if store employees would have that kind of power though. But again, never hurts to try:)

  11. No luck, its 12am but it seems as though the product is out of stock. ='(””’

  12. Just noticed that the starting price is $299 as long as you pick the $59.99 plan and up. Its $329 for the cheaper plans. If you choose the $20 cheaper plan with is the same as the $59.99 plan but without text then its $329 for the phone. For me with google voice I don’t see the need for the $20/month of unlimited text.

  13. i KNEW this was bullshit. First of all, you cant keep your unlimited data if you’re upgrading your primary line. second, you pay $52 of tax, for full retail price of phone. and third, FUCK

    1. You must live in their state. I did not pay tax(ny). Got free overnight shipping and was able to keep my unlimited data plan by selecting the radio button for “Keep my existing plan”

  14. just ordered from lets talk for 175 awesome can’t wait overnight shipping 

  15. anyone who is upgrading an existing family plan line get this to work? It wants me to add an additional line to the family plan to get the discount!?

  16. After one minute spent Googling “beware”, I’m staying away. Too many problems with this company, especially customer service. Not gonna risk it. At least if I go to my local Verizon store, I know who I’m dealing with and I can return to the store in person if I have problems. (And I’m the guy who orders EVERYTHING online… but I rely way too much on my smartphone to risk anything.)

    1. I have ordered several phones through LetsTalk. I have also pointed others to their site. I always check Wirefly and LetsTalk to see who has the better deal. I would hesitate to order from them. Seriously.

  17. I just placed my order using the coupon and the phone was $175.  There was an option to keep your current data plan (for those of us who already have unlimited and get to keep it), but it was not exactly easy or clear.  You had to select a regular plan that says “double data” or something similar.  Then, when you proceed to checkout, you can click “edit services” which takes you to a dedicated screen for calling/data plans.  At the top of the list was the option to keep the data plan you currently have.

    1. Was the phone backordered for you? I just ordered one and it was listed as backordered unknown ship time.  I wonder if I go to my verizon store and buy it if I can return it once I receive my letstalk discounted phone…

      1. Sure you could, but you’d pay full retail for it since you used your upgrade for the LT device.

    2. i have unlimited 3g and how do i upgrade to 4g with unlimited? because i am entitled for the unlimited 4g back then. 

  18. I got one.  Upgraded my plan and final total was $175.  I was going to hold out until the phone dropped to $199, but this was too good a deal to pass up.  Now I just have to wait until tomorrow.

  19. Customer service was great – made a mistake on my order and they fixed it. Aswered questions for me too – Like can I get verizon cell phone insurance even if I ordered it from them – the answer is YES. My total savings is $125 plus $18 tax = 143! Too good to pass up on day one – and it is delivered to my door…. I don’t loose time from work or waste money on gas. 

  20. FYI Worked for me. Free Overnight shipping. No Tax. and kept my unlimited plan. 

    1. overnight shipping is pointless if the item is out of stock. 

      1. Said nothing of out of stock when I did it.

        1. Check your order status page… I hopes it means nothing, but afraid they may have sold everything since this sale when on at midnight PST.

          1. Gotcha. I see it now. I wonder what “backordered-In Stock” means. I wonder if it means they have the stock but not the capacity to handle the demand.

          2. It says in stock on Unknown.

          3. Don’t try to contact Chat Support:  System: James, you have been placed into the Support Queue…

            You will be transferred to the first available service representative. There are approximately 190 user(s) ahead of you.

            Please wait here while we connect you.

        1. Ordered mine around 10amCST.

  21. I went through the website and felt like they might be trying to pull a fast one so I called the 866 number.  After I finally got on with him, I let him know that I am recording this call (folks tend to bullshit less when they think they are being recorded).  After about 10 minutes of going through the same steps from the website, but verifying each step as we went, I got an upgrade for a secondary line on my account WITHOUT upgrading my plan, adding a 3rd line, and WITHOUT loosing my unlimited 4G data plan.  I dropped the coupon code $74VZN and I got the phone for $174.99 out the door as of 10:54am CST today.

    The CSR did inform me that the phone is currently back ordered  but should ship within a week.

  22. Ordered mine from for $174.99 this morning at 2:20cst after trying since 2:01(phone was not in the system 20 after). Now today I get the same backordered crap. What did they only have 1 device in stock? Well at least its the cheapest price around if I’ve got to wait.

  23. Bought it at 3:30am on letstalk they told me today its backordered and could take up to 2 weeks depending on when i purchased it (prob numbr of people that ordered ahead of me) so basically i prob wont see my phone till aftr xmas

  24. I ordered mine yesterday morning. Now I’ve got backorder status of 12/30/11, looks like this might just be a new years present

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