Samsung Says Annual Handset Sales have Surpassed 300 Million


Over the past few years, Samsung has been making a case to be the world’s number one mobile handset manufacturer. They still aren’t quite there, but with a few more weeks to go in 2011 they have already surpassed last year’s figure by 20 million. The over 300 million handsets sold this year is the most ever in Samsung’s history as a mobile manufacturer, and the Android-powered Galaxy series of devices has a lot to do with it. Both the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II were hot sellers this year, their totals supplemented by devices like the Galaxy Note and other devices landing in the more budget-minded end of the spectrum. Non-Android handsets also played a role in the final tally.

For what it’s worth, we’d guess the number is actually totaling units sold and shipped to retailers, which doesn’t necessarily equate to a sale at the consumer level. Still, the demand alone is impressive and looks to only increase in 2012.

[via Reuters]

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  1. It’s amazing what happens when you sell something actually worth buying.

  2. They would’ve smoked that if the US got the GNex back in October/November ;)

    1. no freakin’ kidding!

      1. I love the Nexus and I have the Galaxy Nexus already but I doubt that number would have been that much higher, maybe 1 or 2 million more.

  3. Explains the Apple lawsuit.   Trying to keep down a (fast) rising competitor.

  4. Gorgeous. 

  5. I better get those two Asian chicks with my G-Nex for all the stress and heartache I’ve been put through

    1. Can you share the one on the right?

      1. I named the one on the right “Verizon”  she has no known release date from my basement at this time but it looks like it could be December 15th

        1. That comment made my day.

        2. Giggity Giggity!

  6. That 300 million is slightly deceiving, they didn’t sell 300mil smart phones as there have only been 450mil-500mil total this year globally.

    1. They claim to have sold 300 million mobile phones not smartphones. They sell more dumb phones than smartphones actually

      1. Shhhh….don’t tell that to fandroids……they think it’s 300 million Android phones (never mind the fact that these are units SHIPPED, not SOLD)

  7. That one on the right is fockin beautiful. i wonder if she has any a$$


  9. Months after the Gs2 release date and Samsung is still showing it off as their top of the line phone.
    HTC on the other hand has managed to throw out the Sensation XE, Resound, and other ones whos names I forget. They have taken the HTC sensation and made it seem lower tier.
    I wish I went with the S2 over the sensation, at least Samsung dosnt make you feel Luke your usuing outdated hardware a month after launch.

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  11. Samsung FTW!

  12. Only if they launched the nexus prime sooner they would have better a better outcome

  13. Samsung has definitely hit their stride, and with rumors of a Galaxy S III  already surfacing, I would hate to bet against them.  The S2 is the most desired phone among my coworkers, and for good reason.

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