Facebook for Android Updated with UI Overhaul, Faster Performance


Facebook has announced the latest update to their Android app, one that sees a drastic shift in layout and boosted performance. The new Facebook for Android is now visually more in line with its iOS counterpart. Messages and notifications are now found at the top of the screen regardless of the page you are currently viewing. Doing away with a homescreen featuring shortcuts placed in a grid, navigation is now handled by a new menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Beyond appearance changes, the app boasts faster handling of photos and albums (“up to two times faster) and easier sharing, commenting, and caption editing. The new version should be available shortly in the Android Market.

[via Facebook]

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    1. I see that they used the Galaxy Nexus in that pic but I’m not seeing it in the market……………………….

  1. Can I view comments made on my photos yet?

    1. you already can… are you stupid?

    2. You already can do this.  Tap on the photo and select comments.

    3. Really?  Come on now, you’re better than that.

    4. I think Justin is talking about the fact that he selects “comments” but the comments don’t show up.  That happens to me.

    5. I have been shamed, thank you all for showing me the way…

  2. Let’s just hope it doesn’t wakelock as much as all previous Facebook Apps.  FriendCaster is a much, much better app than the “official” joke.

    1. Friendcaster notifications work, I’ll give it that. But it is ugly as sin and a really disjointed user experience. It is terrible in a whole different way.

    1. lets not ask serious questions, just smile and give up your privacy like everyone else. 

      1. Facebook, privacy…..two words that don’t belong in the same sentence!

        1. This is not true.

          “Facebook does not care about privacy.” <– See what I did there?

  3. Still wont work right.

    1. This is guaranteed. I got reliable notifications on the first version of the FB app 2 years ago. 4 phones later and I’ve not had consistent notifications since.

  4. HA! The press shot is on a gnex…. *ssholes.

    1. Yes, yes they are!

  5. All these press shots on Nexi are making me depressed.

  6. i can’t wait

  7. Still cant change my profile pic from app:-(

    1. Ummm you can………at least the function is built into the app, but it keeps force closing when you try. I have attempted on Droid charge, incredible and moto xoom.

  8. I would be soo excited about this……if I didn’t have a G+ account

  9. Finally!!…..the old app was one of the slowest and the most bug ridden app that we are forced to keep using

  10. Is there tagging in photos yet? Probably the thing that’s keeping me bound to Friendcaster

    1. you’ve been able to tag photos since a few updates back. 

      1. it seems to work on some phones only.  I still haven’t been able to tag photos on my Triumph

      2. Oops, didn’t know about this. This new update looks much better than the older versions. 
        I’ll keep it in trial =)

  11. This appears to be more in line with their mobile version which the changed a few months back. The mobile version is sweet!

  12. Hopeful that it will actually work properly on my GNex with this update since the press shot is on a GNex.

    1. I’m running ICS on my Bionic (yes, it’s an alpha build, but still) and it doesn’t let me add Facebook to my accounts for contact sync, and I can’t get notifications. So it’s a polished turd still for ICS, but works fine on GB.

  13. Will we be able to access the setting menu when using ICS?

    I want to turn off syncing and notification!

    1. Turn off? I want notifications and syncing on my Galaxy Nexus, but neither work!

    2. I have a honeycomb tablet and a Gingerbread phone and both versions I can turn off syncing and notification. In fact I have it off on both of them??  I have the “old” versions still (not today’s update).  Just go back to the “home” Facebook screen and then bring up the menu – Settings 

      1. You misunderstand…  He wants the menu to work, because he wants to go into the menu to turn off syncing and notifications.

        The problem is there is no menu button on Facebook on ICS, it supposed to appear, but there is some bug in the Facebook app.

  14. better be able to chamnge prof pic 

  15. I hope it ads the ability to turn of LBS.  I hate the fact that my GPS is used every time I open the app especially since I never “check-in”.

  16. To solve the Facebook notification on Android all you need to do is sign in to Facebook on a Blackberry, sign out, then go to account settings on Facebook PC site, then other notifications scroll down to Blackberry and allow the app.
    Once done this will solve the notification issue, I did this and mine and my partners work 100% now!

    1. Notifications have been fixed in the new version.  Before I was getting 1-2 notifications a month, I’ve gotten 4 in the last hour.  So much better.

  17. Hope they fixed the unnecessary GPS activation and poor coding that causes FCs on non GPS android devices like CM7 nook color.

  18. when will it be on the market

  19. I keep going into the market looking for the update… fuck I hate waiting 

  20. 7:04 EST and still not in the Market.  Their Facebook app is buggy as all hell.  Can’t wait to see what new bugs they introduce in this one.

  21. I hope this means the app will finally work right on my Sensation. I tried to view comments on a post today and the app locked.

  22. Its live now

  23. Still as terrible and buggy as ever on my dx. I’ve seen slight, and I mean slight improvement in the last year. All I know is the ios version of this ui was so terrible my friend wouldn’t keep it on his device.

    1. The ui is nice but its buggy and it laaaags

  24. Please tell me that they finally fixed the crash in honeycomb where clicking friends caused a force close EVERY SINGLE TIME, even after updating it to be “compatible”

  25. I hate it. sticking with the most stable version 1.5

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