Android Market Hits 10 Billion Downloads

You know the “10 Billion Promo” that we spotted in the Android Market earlier today? As we speculated, the offer of premium apps and games at a discounted rated of $0.10 is in celebration of the 10 billion download milestone. The achievement was reached over the weekend as downloads have reached a rate of one billion per month.

For the next ten days a new set of ten cent Android apps will be featured in the Android Market. You can check out today’s selection by heading over to the Android Market now.

[via Google]

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  • Spartoi

    Cool, more promos please. 

  • jose pulido

    I like it

  • //MKalter

    awesome!!! I love my galaxy s

  • Aztec713

    bought them all!

  • James Cook

    picked up minecraft, asphalt 6, and the war game one.  For 30 cents i have secured hours of time killing.

    i ALWAYS DL the Amazon free app of the day, and have always wondered why Google hasn’t responded with something similar.  This isn’t that, but I am sure I will be buying TONS of these 10 cent apps over the next few days.

  • Alex Mercer

    Going to get them all.

  • a subia


  • Taylor Roan

    checking my ability to paste links for the contest …

    EDIT: success. contest: engage.

  • Paul Johnson

    W00t, Great Little War Game is one of the apps. It won’t ever be cheaper than this guys, go get it. :)

  • Chris Chavez

    They’re all pretty awesome! I love you, Google! xD 

  • Pkmmte

    I was excited… until I realized I had already bought them all before the promo.. =/

  • DarrenR

    Congrats to the Android Market!