After Buyout, Sony Ericsson Rebranding to Be Complete by Mid-2012


We can understand if things got a bit confusing after Sony bought out the Ericsson half of Sony Ericsson for  €1.05 billion. What was once a joint venture is now solely owned by Sony, and soon enough branding will change to reflect the move. Sony had several reasons for making the business move, including the growth of their own patent portfolio, but has expressed the desire to unify their smartphone lineup with the rest of their catalog of home and personal electronics. The rebranding should be complete by mid-2012, at which point it is safe to say only the Sony logo will be appearing on Xperia handsets, if the Xperia name sticks at all. We have no reason to believe Sony will move away from the name that has been associated with their Android smartphones for the past two years, but with such a broad rebranding effort it is hard to say which elements of Sony Ericsson will remain and which will get the boot.

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  1. The PlayStation phone will no longer be the S. E. X. Play

  2. Wonder if theyll will get rid of the green orb logo, I like that little logo on my X10.

  3. Awful name, awful logo, awful font.  go clean like the “SONY” on the LCD TVs.

  4. Get rid of xperia too. Sounds way too forced.
    just pure S O N Y

    p.s at last the *real*

    PlayStation® Phone (PSPII)

  5. Just hope they keep up the good work, think they’ve released alot of really nice phones now! :) Using the S.E.X. Play myself as somone so nicely called it! =)

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