Before all Is Done, Adobe Will Update Flash Player for Android 4.0


Adobe is pulling the plug on its Flash Player project for mobile devices, a move that seemed more disappointing then ever after it was discovered that the software was not compatible with the Ice Cream Sandwich build found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All is not lost, however. While their initial announcement promised no more than bug fixes and security patches in future updates, the Adobe team is giving one last hurrah with the announcement that an Android 4.0-compatible build of Flash Player for Android will be released by the end of the year. After, Flash will ride off into the sunset on a horse named HTML5.

[via PocketLint]

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  1. If Adobe builds an Android 4.0 build of Flash, but no one in the US can use it, did it really get built?

    1. Yes, because the US is not the whole world.


        1. Haha. You know it’s because of people like you that the rest of the world hates the U.S. and truth be told the rest of the world can go F them self’s. :P AMERICA

          1. no no its not that everyone hates the u.s. we just think Americans on average are genuinely stupid. 1/3 American children can’t even pin-point their own country on a world map for crying out loud!

          2. According to who? A British study conducted on 3 year olds? Maybe they just picked from the lowest scoring schools in the south or something.

          3. that is a very shocking claim can you point me to a study on that because that seams a little outrageous to me

    2. Is that stuff legal in your state?

      1. Define “legal.” Because if by legal you mean allowed by law, then no, it’s not.

  2. Sweet, I don’t need to avoid ICS now

    1. There’s something wrong with you then, if you would avoid ics for flash. 

      1. Hey, some of us use our tablets for specific purposes and I can definatly see pirate television internet sites being a huge one.

      2. I definitely would avoid ICS on my tablet for Flash. I watch a number of tv shows that the tv networks stream online and are only available via the Flash Player. There’s still no DRM for HTML5 video so that’s out of the question for many and many places don’t have their content available via a native app.

    2. eL oh eL!! I was doing the same thing. But then don’t forget their are 3rd-party browsers that come with Flash installed lyk Skyfire and FireFox is working on it too. I think Opera as well.

  3. Good, I don’t have to skip over ICS, or use hybrid ICS/GB ROMs. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take as long to get flash on 4.0 as it did to get to Android period. It shouldn’t, but “shouldn’t” doesn’t always mean “will”. Time will tell. Hey! maybe it’ll be done in late 2012, in time for the US release of the Nexus.

    1. Or let’s hope it’s not like the Flash on the original Palm Pre that was promised, and promised…  And eventually never happened. 

      Yes, I am still using my original Palm Pre.  ICS was probably the first Android OS that I thought looked like it did a lot of stuff right.  (Which made a LOT of sense when I realized that Matias Duarte had a huge roll in both).  Now you know why I so badly want a G. Nexus to finally make it through the US border.


    First off let me say that I love coming to this site and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into it.  I frequent about five different tech sites and I can honestly say that Phandroid is usually the first to report new stories.  However, it must be noted that sometimes the grammer and language structure in some of the articles is kind of bad.  I pay them no mind usually but as of late it is getting pretty bad.  The very first sentence in this article is one long run-on sentence.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting a perfectly written article that would make a 101 English professor brag to his peers.  But I think your readers deserve at least a cursory glance to try and correct obvious errors.  One of the best pieces of advice I can recall is to always read your work aloud at least once.  When reading internally, our brain reads what we intend to say and not exactly what is written.  I hope this doesn’t come off as being obnoxious because that is not my intent at all.  We all have room for improvement and just wanted to offer a little constructive criticism.  Keep up the good work.

    1. Grammar, my Lord.  Grammar.

      1. LOL, yeah I caught that after I hit post!

        1. Did you read it aloud before posting?

          1. Yes I did.  I second guessed myself about the spelling but didn’t give it too much regard.  Like I said in my original post, I’m not expecting perfection but several run-on and grossly fragmented sentences shouldn’t be easily excused. 

            Besides, I’m just a Sith Lord commenting on a post.  Phandroid is a professionally run site dedicated to communicating to it’s audience via the written word.  So I would think that their standards should be a bit higher than what’s required of commenters.  But thanks for asking – did you see what I did there? ;-p

          2. “Phandroid is a professionally run site dedicated to communicating to it’s audience via the written word.”
            I like Phandroid as well, but let’s not get ridiculous. It’s a blog site, not The Wall Street Journal. Although I do agree that some of the spelling and grammar errors are on-par with that of a 4th-grader, this site isn’t intended to be “professional”. It’s a laid-back Android news blog, nothing more. I can always mentally fix errors as I read without it bothering me, and I think it’s hilarious when apostrophes automatically precede the ‘s’ when it’s the final letter of a word even though it has no place being there. I just picture it as written in crayon with the letter r written backwards, and I get a laugh out of it. Besides, do you ever read a lot of these comments? A lot of these people are so riddled with ADD, they see an article and if it’s something about the Nexus, there are 293 comments asking for release dates, or, if it isn’t about the nexus, they’ll post irrelevant nonsense like “Who cares, where is the Nexus?”.
             Life is short, don’t let minutae bother you.

          3. ” but let’s not get ridiculous. ”

            I’ve been following Phandroid for quite some time and have never critiqued their articles until now.  I don’t think that asking the editor to take 30 seconds and read over their article is being ridiculous.  It’s not as if I’m trying to go all “Occupy Phandroid” or something.  I simply made a suggestion.

  5. I do love adobe as a company, but was very disappointed by their caving in to apple… though (d*ckhead mr jobs was probably right that html5 is better than flash ;)

  6. I wish you nerds who whole mission in life is to correct someones post would lose you eyesight and ability to hear anything other then Techno music.

    1. “I wish you nerds who whole mission in life”

      whose whole mission…

      “lose you eyesight”…your eyesight

      sorry just had to do it :-D

    2. Also “other then” should be “other than” and I don’t mind a bit of techno sometimes ;-) .

  7. I’m sulking now… I’m skipping the nexus and waiting for about October of 2012 to see what’s the new standard for streaming media would be for the mobile phone… I just hate this Flash pullout news

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    1. So your buddy’s slut for an ex-wife has a webcam on LiveJasmine?

  9. On the iPad there’s an official NBC app with all the recent full episodes free, a daily show app, a colbert app, there’s an ABC app with free shows too, and the CBS/TBS websites, all these have free HTML5 shows, Vimeo and Youtube have almost all their stuff in html5. For 8 bucks (less than one movie ticket) 10K plus videos, many good quality shows. Clearly the quality is better, HTML5 is about 10 times more efficient, it’s not designed for a touch display (roll-over feature), the battery lasts much longer, Adobe dumped Flash, Google invested in HTML5, why don’t you android fans just admit flash sucks? Do you still have a VHS and those black and white silent movie projectors too? 

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