First Galaxy Nexus Sold Came Loaded with Dev Software to Customer’s Dismay

We mentioned Alex Ioannou in our post detailing the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the UK. He looks mighty happy to have his new smartphone in the above picture tweeted out by Samsung mobile. However, after getting home and powering up his new toy, Alex’s joy quickly turned to frustration. His Galaxy Nexus came loaded up with an older Android 4.0 developer ROM, complete with debug options including the ability to “Report a WTF condition.” Alex also had trouble adding his Google account to the device, leading to a trek back to the store where he currently awaits a replacement. The incident seems isolated as there have been no other reports of such software problems. Perhaps Samsung had a special device set aside for the first person to buy the Galaxy Nexus and that device somehow slipped through the cracks without getting a final software refresh. We might never know the why, but those planning to buy the phone today shouldn’t worry about similar OS issues just yet.

[via Engadget]

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  • Robabobbob

    Report a WTF condition should be a standard feature!  Also I want a button that I can press that turns my phone into a BFG 9000

    • sc0rch3d

      make sure you’re ready when dwayne johnson turns on you

    • Shaunwin


  • Joe

    Good start

  • johnnybirdman

    wtf is right

  • JamesS

    That’s right I’m not worried about similar OS issues as there’s no TMO version yet.

  • Nudo


  • Christian Oswin Pond

    I would have kept it! Dumpped the rom, and put it on xda!

    • sQueezedhe

      why? you’ll get a proper one in about another 10 minutes.

    • Uncle Paul

      see no reason to dump an older 4.0 build. dump the working full 4.0 build instead.

  • vinterchaos

    Maybe they set it up that way thinking an awesome dev would end up with the first phone and not a lame balding 23 year old.

    • nuprotocol

      lollllllllll is he really 23? lol

  • Steve Garon

    Hope this guy dumped the phone content the XDA…

  • WrinkledForeskin

    Why did Europe get the phone before US?

    • Jay Sherman

      Because VZW pouts like little babies when they don’t get 100% of their way.

      • Uncle Paul

        another reason it should have went to T-Mobile first like the first two Nexii

        • JBrowne1012

          Lets hope google doesn’t make this mistake again

    • Sebastian Jaskowiak

      Because of ill us patent law…

  • hulk smash


  • Anton Spaans

    You know that WTF stands for “What a Terrible Failure”, don’t you :-), java.lang.String, java.lang.Throwable)

  • Cuneo13

    I must say pretty cool, and this guy Alex was lucky nerd to grab one of the first new flagship phone made by Google for 2011!

  • Jacobxdm40

    Yeah WTF. US should have got it first.

    • Richard Pawley


      • nuprotocol

        B/c we’re the US. 

        • Richard Pawley

          Yeah I thought that would be the only justification…


          • Scott Norcross

            Lol … we all should have gotten them at the same time. Google and Samsung should’ve released for the UK,US,Canada, Australia, and Japan. Then the next week release it everywhere else it plans to release.

          • Markus Finster

            Try: Should’ve released it everywhere at once.
            The Scandivavian countries, Austria and I think the Netherlands have the highest number of average phones per capita. We’re nuts for new phones. Even my mother owns two, for crying out loud!

          • adi19956

            I’m from the UK, but I definitely think Germany should get it first too, as Europe’s biggest and most populous economy

          • Chris Sullivan

            Pay your debts over there in Europe, you are causing my stock portfolio to decline!

          • Mattclegg88

            too right mate lol!
            May have to have a stroll down the road and get one of these samsung nextshit phones and sell to the cry baby’s across the pond, couple of grand maby?

        • adi19956

          and you’re better than everyone else?

        • DYNK

          …..sigh…..are all Americans still this dumb?

          • Coast19

            No, no we are not. Sadly it’d the dumb ones that don’t know better who are the loudest.

          • nuprotocol

            I know it. Sucks..!

  • NightAngel79