Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launches in the UK, YouTube Channel Updated with New Videos

The day many have been waiting for is here…if you live in the UK, that is. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now available for purchase and the phone’s landing page has been updated to reflect as much, providing links to snag the phone via Phone4u, Three UK, Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, and O2. Samsung tweeted out a photo of the first customer to pick up the brand-new Android 4.0 smartphone, one Alex Ioannou.

Google’s Galaxy Nexus YouTube channel has also been updated with a new minute-long ad and plenty of “getting started” videos highlighting the major features of the phone. If you have been lusting for this you will want to check them out; you even get a glimpse of Verizon’s LTE version of the device.

So UK readers, who is going out to pick up the Galaxy Nexus today? Anyone already have the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich handset?

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  • James Sorensen

    They use the Verizon variant in the tutorials… give a release date already damn

  • James_C_L

    nothing I like better than a “glimpse of vzw lte version”
    Fuk them

  • Big R

    Another VZW bend you over the table, get out some KY (if you’re lucky), and enjoy. 

    This is getting old.  The Razr sucks because the screen is horrible to my eyes.  The Rezound has a nice display, but Beats By Dre is the worst thing in the world.  Thus, leaving me waiting for the SGN.  Grin and bear it is the way of VZW.

    • Jdog25

      Your worried about the Verizon one and I just want a damn release date on any U.S. carrier, mainly T-mo.

      • B2L

        Seriously just give us a damn release date for T-mobile.

      • HalfwayCrook

        If your really want it I’m pretty sure the unlocked hspa+ version works with t-mo bands

        • Jdog25

          Yeah I’m sure but I’m just waiting for someone from a blog to confirm that before I buy.

          • HalfwayCrook

            Didnt Engadget confirm that in their preview of the hspa+ version today?? Also, is it just me or does the verizon version not say “Google” on the back, but “Verizon 4Glte” instead

          • HalfwayCrook

            From engadget: “We’re happy to confirm that the Galaxy Nexus is indeed the first Android device with a pentaband HSPA+ radio — we’ve successfully tested both T-Mobile USA and AT&T SIMs with our handset.”

          • Jdog25

            Yeah I have been super busy at work this morning so I just saw their review. I knew that Myriam would confirm this first.

            I’m so damn happy now. ^_^

    • Guest

      Wait you mean you don’t want an iPhone?!… lol. In all seriousness, as much as it sucks waiting, being in a 2 year contract with either of those phones and their terrible UIs would be far worst. 

      Razr = locked down bootloader, and the usual moto update cycle (never).
      Rezound = HTC Sense, which will leave your phone reloading its UI more than an Android 1.5 device with a 500mhz processor.

      It’s absurd how poorly HTC Sense 3+ runs. I thought it was just the Sensation because it had low ram, but any one i’ve picked up with Sense 3.0 reloads the UI CONSTANTLY, even their tablets. With that said, if you’re on VZ and up for renewal, be thankful its at a time where a Nexus is an option. Waiting sucks, but having the alternatives suck more.

      If it isn’t a Nexus, it might as well not be called Android.

  • johnnybirdman

    good thing about this is that we won’t ever hear those euros complain again about the US getting something first….

  • norton barnacle

    Scenes of Austin! The shots at :08 and :43 are definitely Austin…..near the 360 bridge and outside Sandy’s Hamburgers, respectively. 

  • reznorfan0

    The reason VZ is taking so long is that they are HATING the freedom vanilla android is giving the users, and are probably leaning on Google/samsung with everything they have to try and get more bloatware shnit on and features removed.  VZ is really the only choice I have with coverage in my area, doesnt mean i have to like them.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      Ya right.
      I bet you have the shiniest tin foil hat of your group

      • reznorfan0

        tallest and pointiest too. 

    • Guest

      Agreed. They’re probably battling with Samsung and Google to replace Google Maps with VZ Navigate and load it up with a bunch of pointless apps you could find in the most popular list on the market on your own. VZW phones tend to be exceptionally locked down and full of bloatware, really shocked they even picked up the Nexus… they probably didn’t know what it implied.

  • Andrew Jones

    Hey, us euros need these token first releases to get over the fact that we generally miss out on platform releases (with the exception of Spotify).  Plus, us Brits like to have a good old moan about stuff and this is an easy target :o).

    Getting on topic, popped down carphone warehouse, 3 and O2 but there were none on display so I couldn’t have a good grope of the thing… will try again tomorrow.

  • Adam

    I hate you Verizon!!

  • shifterracer

    so they UK get the S2 first as well as the GN!  what the fk is up with that!!!  I thought the US spent more on this crap than any other country…but we get screwed!!  Also, i’m begging to think i need to switch to another carrier besides VZ as they seem to like to screw their customers!  AT&T is rolling out LTE so maybe i’ll jump over there and get a S2!

    • cns2007

      If you had said T-Mo, maybe, but you think AT&T is better VZW. There’s little difference between the two.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      Poor guy. You play the victim so well. Switch carriers than if you feel VZ is screwing you.
      Man the fuck up

    • technohead95

      Big deal? The US got the following devices before UK: T-Mobile G1, Nexus One, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and probably many others. US has also received a good number of devices that were never released to UK. Fact of matter is that, some devices you will get first, some you won’t. Deal with it!

  • scalamoosh

    Hey Verizon. My OG droid contract is up today. Put out the phone I want or I switch providers. Thanks.

    • TheMan876

      And give up your unlimited data? Are you mad?!

  • Cuneo13

    Okay, today is November 17th, 2011, a Thursday morning here in the United States, and still NO official launch date for the flagship phone once nicely named the “Nexus Prime”. I am fine with the rename of “Galaxy Nexus”; however, please, please Google and Samsung have a freaking five-minute conference call, and release an office launch date of when a nerd like me is going to be albe to purchase the phone I have been waiting for for over a year! 
    Why in the name of early adapter must you make us wait this long?

    • Cuneo13

      All right, I just checked and registered yet again as an interested person here in the U.S.A. I sincerely hope within the next 48 hours I receive something in way of e-mail or blog update. Otherwise, the Verizon Motorola Razr is looking pretty good…

    • Gregory Trout

      office launch date? early adapter? slow down, bro

  • selonmoi

    Unhappy Verizon customers: Have you expressed your displeasure to Verizon yet? Ranting on forums is all well and good, but how about sending a letter to the corporate office? Or calling up customer service, and escalating as high as you can?

    In either case, be calm and reasonable, but explain clearly how unsatisfied you are with how poorly they’ve communicated information about this launch. You could even mention that you’re currently looking in to importing a Galaxy Nexus from Europe so that you can cancel your service and switch to a more open GSM competitor.

    It can’t hurt.

    • TheMan876

      Too much work.

    • Guest

      My wife tried that once with VZW… She actually had 3 different reps tell her “Switch to a different company if you don’t like us”…

      As far as poorly communicated launches… c’mon guys, if you’re on here reading these posts about new phones, you HAVE to know by now that there’s never been, and never will be a clean launch where you the customer get to know the exact day each company is coming out with a product. This is the norm at this point.

    • dbcad7

      Calling customer service is going to get you nowhere.. why waste yours and someone who is trying to help peoples time ?

  • NexusPhan69

    Google posted Verizon LTE technical specifications at
    Its .5 mm thicker, has a bigger battery and wights 15grams more than the non-LTE version.

    • JBrowne1012

      so the HSPA+ version is the best version, good i am going to enjoy that.

      • allday28

        Yep its better and has slower speeds. Talk about a fail of a comment!! Oh and the HSPA has a smaller battery..

        • JBrowne1012

          if by fail comment you mean the one you just made then i agree. When compare the two they are nearly identical in average speeds but you forget to factor in the fact that all t-mobile devices have access to these speeds if their hardware allows it which means every device for the life of t-mobile has access to high speeds rather than a handful of devices that due to the network that sucks the battery life out of the phones.

           Of which is why they have a bigger battery but its not like LTE is amazing, they only meet our average speeds with a handful of devices in only so few markets so when they get as many devices on that network its gonna be wayyyyyy slower. As far as the battery it not like its significantly better as bigger batteries don’t always equate to longer battery life. I would rather have the thinnest phone running hspa+ than to have a LTE battery hog.

  • Randy

    I wonder what would happen if someone were to call verizon and demand to speak to someone about when this phone was to be released. Then not get off of the phone until u had an answer, and if they hung up on you just keep calling back.  Or what we need to do is have a s*it load of peopledo this all at once, yes it seems childish but what they are doing seems childish to, just dangling it over our heads but we just can’t reach it. hmmm i hate corporate BS and thats all this is

    • dbcad7

      The answer is that the release date has not been announced.. Not the answer you want, but that is the answer.. bugging support people because your annoyed does not help change it.

  • muchaelg1030

    With VZW new holiday return policy I am considering “renting” a RAZR or Rezound for the next month or so. I have a feeling it could be longer than we think for the GNex. Ill give them til Black Friday to release it. My OG Droid is just about to kick the bucket.

    • Guest

      Don’t get stuck with those 2, they’re going to both be painful. I’d guess it will be next August before Razr see’s 4.0… if ever, Moto sucks at Android updates, and the Rezound has HTC Sense. Sense is all it takes to ruin a phone.

  • sean76

    Classic Verizon! This is what those dirt holes do…I’m willing to bet the hold up was because of the branding on the back plate that needed to be added to the Verizon LTE version. I said there would be a hold up the day I saw the announcement of the Razr…which is Verizon’s media darling for this holiday season. The Galaxy Nexus will not have a big display in the store, or posters everywhere….it’ll be by itself in the back of the store next to the Blackberries…
    FU Verizon! We want vanilla Android, and you can’t stop us….