Google Music Purchases Can Be Billed Directly to T-Mobile Accounts


We have been wondering exactly what T-Mobile’s involvement in the Google Music announcements would be, and we now have the answer. Honoring the longstanding relationship between Android and the wireless provider, T-Mobile subscribers will have the ability to bill music purchases directly to their accounts. T-Mobile customers will also get extra incentives in the form of exclusive music and free tracks from the likes of Drake and Maroon 5. Details on when and how subscribers can begin adding music to their monthly bill were not revealed, but the option will be available shortly.


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Google Music: Buy A Song/Album And Your Friends Listen For Free

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  1. No Galaxy Nexus?!?!?

    1. I was hoping they were gonna say something like …”Oh by the way, we will be offering additional songs for our newest phone the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which will be available tomorrow at all our stores.” Now that would have been cool (and a big sticking out of the tongue to Verizon).

    2. well, after reading these comments I feel better knowing i’m not alone. thanks guys

  2. God dammit Tmobile, how could you not announce galaxy nexus

  3. Not seeing where we get the free music???  My Market home doesn’t have Music either.  It only has Apps, Books, Movies.  Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

  4. google should buy tmobile

  5. Easy to implement.  Tmobile has about what, 10 customers?  half of which are posting here.

    1. you forgot to multiply by 5 million

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