Fujitsu’s 10-inch Android Tablet Goes for a Swim


Forget glasses-free 3D (they were doing that well before the rest of the world), the latest trend in mobile over in Japan is water-proof devices. From smartphones to tablets, nearly every big-name product from companies such as Sharp and Fujitsu seem to be getting protection in one form or another from liquids. Perhaps it is a bit wetter in Japan than I realize, or maybe it is more commonplace to take devices to the beach or use them during a bath. Actually, for the Fujitsu Arrows Tab 2 (F-01D), a slate available with LTE connectivity through NTTT DoCoMo, using the device during a bath is one of its main marketing angles. And here it is taking a bath of its own. The Fujitsu F-01D is a 10.1-inch tablet with a dual-core TI OMAP 4 CPU.

[via NotebookItalia]

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  1. hmm unless they skinned the icons those are the ICS navigation icons on that tablet

    1. Actually no. Did you watch the video? Have you ever used a Honeycomb android tablet?

      If you take a look at the Settings icon @ 9 seconds, definitely not ICS.

    2. No, actually he said it has Android 3.2 installed.

  2. Hurricanes. The next innovation factor.

  3. I hope waterproofing devices comes to the americas soon… It would be a huge deciding factor for me.

  4. Well, it may be “water proof”, but this video only proves that it’s water proof up to about an inch of water, for about 1 second. What if it’s in more like a foot of water, for like a minute? I’d like to see that.

    1. I think for the start point, they are trying to build devices that at least survive accidental water damage. Even if you drop this in the sink or the pool, you wouldn’t be looking at it for 5 minutes before you pull it out.

      It’s awesome to see devices like this as I personally have lost a lot of money due to accidental water damages. 

    2. why?  what’s with the water fetish?

  5. Water has no knowledge of time, depth aka pressure will have an effect on the devices. When was the last time you saw waterproof but only for one second on a products description come on

  6. Having a phone that looks after itself if it’s accidentally submerged would be a big selling point for some folk.  Instead of trying to waterproof their device apple put in moisture sensors that would invalidate their warranty.

    Really anti-consumer.

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